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Kissed One Woman, Dating Another. Should I Confess?

Q:  Allana, if you were me – would you own up to doing something stupid of you know it would jeopardize your relationship OR would you keep it to yourself since you know they would never find out? Halloween this year, I thought my girl was cheating on me so I made out with some woman at a party. I was in a costume, she was in a costume. It was dark so I don’t think there is any way that it could get back to my girl that it was me.

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Cat is Away, Mouse with Play

Q:  Allana, when the cat is away the mouse likes to play. When my husband is away, I hook up with my ex-boyfriend. I know it is wrong but I just can’t stop doing it. I have tried to cut him off but the sex with my husband is mediocre and the sex with my ex is mind-blowing. I have heard of the 80/20 solution and I feel this is it. Together I have 100% of what I want but if I get with one or the other I am miserable. What should I do?

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Is it wrong to have a one night stand?

Question: Is it wrong to have a one night stand or affair? Read More →

Three Years and He’s Still with His Wife!

Question: Three years! He has been promising to leave his wife for three years.  I know I put myself in this situation but how long should I wait before giving up? Read More →

Neighbor Having an Affair? Blow the Whistle?

Q: Allana, my neighbor is having an affair and I am at a loss for words.  In the beginning, I just thought it was a friend coming over while her husband was gone during the day.  Yesterday, I just so happened to be upstairs in my bedroom and I looked out the window to see her in her kitchen and I saw more than I needed to see as they were going at it on the kitchen island.  Do I tell him? Do I just stay out of it?

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Secretly Sabotaging To Win Custody

Q: I have been secretly sabotaging my husband’s relationship with our kids because I want to file for divorce and have sole custody. He has been having an affair for the past three years and I don’t think he deserves to walk away with anything. Am I wrong or is he getting what he deserves?

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