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Nice Guy to Noble Badass

I had the pleasure of hanging out with two of my favorite men, Kent Emmons and Adam Gilad, on the Daily Dater. These mighty gentlemen placed me in the hot seat and asked me the tough questions on how to avoid the dreaded “friend-zone”.

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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Adam Gilad

I had the most totally yummy, deep and down to earth conversation with Adam Gilad on Intimate Conversations LIVE this week. I really and truly love the way he honors and continuously seeks to deepen his spiritual evolution. We really dove right in to what it really means when you date online, when you date in person, when you’re with someone intimately, and explored the stages of evolution of the masculine and the feminine.   Read More →

Intimate Conversations with Adam Gilad

Something tells me that you all know who my guest for this week on Intimate Conversations LIVE is… the infamously sexy, prolific author and relationship guru… Adam Gilad!  Adam has a way of knowing exactly what a woman wants to hear so that she notices you, desires you and… well, you can take it from there! Read More →


It all lead to this… The past 21 days I have been completely transformed by being Brave, Bold, and Raw with each of you. This journey together began with a dream (Kelly Sullivan-Walden) and came to the climax as I spoke with Adam Gilad about cultivating intimacy, wealth, and spirit (and Earth Root!). It went by SO fast! This whole experience has been delicious ’till the last drop!!

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