How often should I have sex with my woman?

Hiking Gallatin Canyon a few hours from Yellowstone!I never knew this… so glad I’m a teacher and also a student!! Omarian Atman (check out our interview on Intimate Conversations) taught me about Legacy Astrology and that apparently we are all wired slightly differently with what truly nourishes us. In saying this, many women enjoy sex and yet some women actually require it for nurturing.

I don’t know if you believe this or not, yet it would be curious to have your chart read and see how things stack up for you. For me, nourishing, reverential, honoring, sacred sex according to my chart, nurtures me to my core. While I may enjoy travel, chocolate and dancing… sacred sex fulfills me in a way nothing else does. I have to agree.

How WILD it was for me to allow myself to own that when having the reading with Omarian. I was a little embarrassed when he first told me, yet at the same time to freeing to have this confirmation to fortify my capacity to ask for what I require AND to receive it more fully than ever before. AND to notice that I’d rather have no sex than bad sex…

So back to your question about how often to have sex. Many of us busy go go go women THINK we don’t want sex for we’re not in the mood, and we think we’ll just have to ‘put out’ and not be caressed, adored and slowly opened into blissful surrender so we’d rather not bother.

Other women complain of the opposite, that it has to be this big whole ordeal and she’d rather just be claimed up against kitchen cabinets and have a passionate quickie. Thus my best advice is to be in communication with your partner… over a nice dinner perhaps start asking playfully… Tell me something about you and our sex life… or What would it take for you to feel our sex life was fun, rewarding, phenomenal? (or maybe that’s Allana speak… ask it the way that works for you… yet ASK or you’ll be assuming which can always bite you in the foot… OR assuming makes you spin in your head, hesitant… also not very sexy.

Bottom line I believe is more sex than less sex… sex is healthy for our bodies, connecting for the partnership, gets your present to the moment… expresses kindness, gratitude and limitless creativity to be YOU from kinky to naughty, reverent to sacred. Enjoy all the flavors possible… be open to getting to know a flavor or your partner you never knew existed… and reveal one to them you’ve never had the courage to reveal…

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