Allana Gets Real with Deb Owen

I love to get intimate. I love authentic conversations. I love someone who can go eye to eye with me as a listener… truly listening, not just waiting for me to stop talking to ask another question, oblivious to what I just said.


Deb is a GREAT communicator. She asked questions that made me come alive. She knew the dance of listening and talking, sharing her journey and inviting me go deeper and deeper based on the space she could hold.

You KNOW the power is in the listener, not the talker, right? You might think it’s the other way around… yet has anyone that dominated the conversation made you feel seen, heard, validated, honored? Nope. They just lost your respect. Thus you won. You’re not going to give in, you’re not going to be generous let alone cooperate. They arent honoring you so why should you honor or trust them, right?

Yet when someone listens, responds to what you just said, gives time to pause, reflect, share what contributes to the conversation not what side tracks it… doesn’t it make you lean in, become more interested, feel honor, respect and affinity toward them? In a romantic situation, doesn’t it turn you on? When someone makes you feel seen, heard, honored and celebrated for who you are, and is interested in you, ahhhh… it’s delicious.

Here’s the interview. May you enjoy the things I reveal that are meant to uplift, inspire and empower your glorious life and relationships.

Deliciously, Allana xoox

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