Intimate Conversation

Intimate Conversation

Intimate Conversation Season Eleven

2023 March 8th, Candid Confessions: Allana’s Trauma Journey Home

What a treat after interviewing over 850 in my life… to have you all to myself in my firstsoloepisode! I talked to you about what trauma means, how it happens and what it looks like in an adult. I shared my experience of my own unresolved trauma and how I’m healing it with the help of the PSI protocol. This journey has shown me how life is ALWAYS for us and how trusting our BODY is key. I’ve over relied on my mind yet it’s been my sweet body’s wisdom that has taken me back to still point and rest in a way that makes me more receptive, relaxed, open and expansive than ever before…

2023 March 15th, Psychedelic Somatic Integration with Saj Razvi & Annie King

This was basically like interviewing sacred psychedelic superstars… my amazing practitioner Annie and her teacher Saj. While everything I’ve done for the past 20 years on my personal growth path has been supportive, nothing until PSI had cracked the code on why I kept attracting abusive romantic relationships and professional situations. The profound sense of self forgiveness is beyond words, the wellbeing I’ve never known possible is becoming more common. This conversation explains the science of our bodies and psychedelics, as well as the heartfelt experience of being at rest, heart open, trusting our bodies and honoring their capacity to bring us home into wholeness. I am thrilled beyond measure to bring this possibility of life beyond trauma home to you and your body… for it’s the deepest key to intimacy.

2023 March 22nd, Medical & Marital Wakeup Calls with Drea Aguilar & Sam Gibbs Morris

God, I love these two. They do the work. They take ownership. They know we’ll never get there or be perfect. They know how to repair a rupture; they acknowledge how the other brings out the best in them. They’re living their purpose and facing their fears and integrating their traumas. They have such compassion for one another’s body’s programs of trauma that get triggered from time to time. They’ve absolutely committed that they’re not going anywhere in the face of anything, ever. And as such, they catapult into a reality of partnership, co-creation and contribution that I’ve rarely seen.

2023 March 29th, Client Amanda’s Story & Healing Tools That Work

Oh, how I love this woman! I love how she explained her desire for evolution and being sacredly challenged to keep discovering more of who she is and what’s possible. I so appreciate her bravery to feel and to let it be OK that she navigates death in her own unique brilliant way. I love how being on Team Allana and doing my coaching processes with my coaches has contributed to her integrating trauma to speak up, let go, and literally manifest an epic relationship and move to a new State. The way she guides and inspires the team is nothing short of breathtaking. We all feel so held and supported by her. Everyone is upleveling their contribution because of her leadership. I love how quickly she courageously drops into truth. I’m the luckiest woman alive that she has my back.

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