Intimate Conversation

Intimate Conversation

Intimate Conversation Season Eleven

2023 March 8th, Candid Confessions: Allana’s Trauma Journey Home

What a treat after interviewing over 850 in my life… to have you all to myself in my firstsoloepisode! I talked to you about what trauma means, how it happens and what it looks like in an adult. I shared my experience of my own unresolved trauma and how I’m healing it with the help of the PSI protocol. This journey has shown me how life is ALWAYS for us and how trusting our BODY is key. I’ve over relied on my mind yet it’s been my sweet body’s wisdom that has taken me back to still point and rest in a way that makes me more receptive, relaxed, open and expansive than ever before…

2023 March 15th, Psychedelic Somatic Integration with Saj Razvi & Annie King

This was basically like interviewing sacred psychedelic superstars… my amazing practitioner Annie and her teacher Saj. While everything I’ve done for the past 20 years on my personal growth path has been supportive, nothing until PSI had cracked the code on why I kept attracting abusive romantic relationships and professional situations. The profound sense of self forgiveness is beyond words, the wellbeing I’ve never known possible is becoming more common. This conversation explains the science of our bodies and psychedelics, as well as the heartfelt experience of being at rest, heart open, trusting our bodies and honoring their capacity to bring us home into wholeness. I am thrilled beyond measure to bring this possibility of life beyond trauma home to you and your body… for it’s the deepest key to intimacy.

2023 March 22nd, Medical & Marital Wakeup Calls with Drea Aguilar & Sam Gibbs Morris

God, I love these two. They do the work. They take ownership. They know we’ll never get there or be perfect. They know how to repair a rupture; they acknowledge how the other brings out the best in them. They’re living their purpose and facing their fears and integrating their traumas. They have such compassion for one another’s body’s programs of trauma that get triggered from time to time. They’ve absolutely committed that they’re not going anywhere in the face of anything, ever. And as such, they catapult into a reality of partnership, co-creation and contribution that I’ve rarely seen.

2023 March 29th, Client Amanda’s Story & Healing Tools That Work

Oh, how I love this woman! I love how she explained her desire for evolution and being sacredly challenged to keep discovering more of who she is and what’s possible. I so appreciate her bravery to feel and to let it be OK that she navigates death in her own unique brilliant way. I love how being on Team Allana and doing my coaching processes with my coaches has contributed to her integrating trauma to speak up, let go, and literally manifest an epic relationship and move to a new State. The way she guides and inspires the team is nothing short of breathtaking. We all feel so held and supported by her. Everyone is upleveling their contribution because of her leadership. I love how quickly she courageously drops into truth. I’m the luckiest woman alive that she has my back.

2023 April 4th, Candid Confessions: I’m Lonely In My Head But Home In My Heart

Oh, how I love this woman! I love how she explained her desire for evolution and being sacredly challenged to keep discovering more of who she is and what’s possible. I so appreciate her bravery to feel and to let it be OK that she navigates death in her own unique brilliant way. I love how being on Team Allana and doing my coaching processes with my coaches has contributed to her integrating trauma to speak up, let go, and literally manifest an epic relationship and move to a new State. The way she guides and inspires the team is nothing short of breathtaking. We all feel so held and supported by her. Everyone is upleveling their contribution because of her leadership. I love how quickly she courageously drops into truth. I’m the luckiest woman alive that she has my back.

2023 April 12th, Blake Worrall Thompson – Debunking Loneliness to Design a Fulfilling Life

Talk about a rich, juicy, vulnerable, connected, authentic call with a brother from another mother on the other side of the globe. What a blessing, honor and privilege to receive Blake’s transparent share of his recent reconfiguration and rebirth. What a reminder of the importance of surrounding ourselves with non judgmental beings who see us and give us a sense of warmth. What a statement of the evolution of humanity talking about the gifts that psychedelics can bring our growth and embodiment. And what a poignant conversation about the new paradigm of conscious transparent leadership as coaches. I think you’ll listen to this one a few times over, I know I will

2023 April 19th, Aaron Kleinerman – From the Dark Corners of Loneliness to Embodied Masculine Presence

I love talking to return guests to see how they’ve evolved over the years. Aaron is thriving leading retreats all over the world and even more deeply grounded than I remember. He was waking up in Bali drinking his coconut water as I was ending my day in Wyoming with a glass of wine 🙂 We shared about the masculine and feminine energy within us all, and do our inner masculine and feminine get along? Honor each other? Express their truth? How do we stay more embodied with breath, movement and sound? How do the men he works with move through loneliness, depression and blame into embodied awakened masculinity?

2023 April 26th, Client Sean’s Story & Healing Tools That Work

Everyone evolves at their own pace; their soul has its unique journey and yet holy shit Sean is waking up. Fast! I remember when he joined the community it was a 50th birthday present to himself to invest in his evolution after being blindsided by a painful divorce. He’s bravely felt his feelings, taken ownership of his growth opportunities, he does the work and values his open heart more than ever before. Facilitating his journey of ‘becoming the one’ heals me too because he helps me believe in men, that there are men committed to doing the inner work. I can’t wait to see the delight on his face when he meets his ideal partner and shares his big, beautiful heart with her. She will be a lucky woman 🙂

2023 May 3rd, Candid Confessions: From Shame to Big Cojones

In this vulnerable did-I-really-say-that episode, I reveal my own journey with shame. It started at church as a little girl, then made wrong for apparently almost killing my sister, wrong for being a Little Bo Peep, wrong for dancing like a Sufi dancer to Jesus Christ Superstar in the living room. And then I reveal the Monster in the closet of my psychedelic somatic integration protocol journey… that there must be something fundamentally wrong with me… only to discover I am an innocent child of God doing her best, like all of us. Only to discover when you lean into that pile of shame-shit, you discover there’s a pony in there somewhere! Only to discover we are not bad after all.

In this transparent episode I also discussed…

2023 May 10th, A Dose of Positivity with Mike Diamond

A Dose of Positivity, the name of Mike’s latest book, is a massive understatement. This man, his book and his message is a dose of life altering, heart expanding, embodied potent grounded Bliss. Mike shared his own personal journey of addiction, lack of mentors or guidance from for his athletic abilities… Yet his willingness to consistently do the right thing even though it was hard, has created nothing short of miracles in his life. His story of what I will call self-ownership, humility and nobility healed a place inside my heart. There are great men on this planet. Not perfect men. But brave men who do the right thing when no one’s looking. I believe Mike is one of these men. What an honor to share his essence with you 🙂

2023 May 17th, Sit Deep with your Soul & You’ll Find Freedom to Be with Shirin Etessam

‘Never again’ she said after a several decade relationship ended in a 20 minute conversation. This led to a profound 6 year soul searching journey where she discovered how she had been shrink-fitting herself to find love. Turns out the magic was not only in her Ex, she discovered it was in herself. And we had a complete melding of the minds to understand that the body, mind, heart and soul are unique aspects with unique jobs. And when we follow our Bliss we must follow our soul. And when I ask her what is the single most powerful tool in her evolution… well you’re going to have to listen to the episode to hear her answer! I was completely delighted!

2023 May 24th, Addiction Hid His Shame & Conscious Recovery Set Him Free with TJ Woodward

I can’t tell you how delicious it is when I meet somebody who speaks the same language. TJ gets it. Lives it… teaches it. There’s so much value in presence, in feeling our feelings, in integrating our activated emotions, so that we can cultivate deeper more meaningful relationships. We CAN become that trusted person that our lover or friends turn to because they know we’re not going to fix them. TJ and I spoke of the importance and the gift of having someone on the healing journey who we can be deeply vulnerable with as we heal in their safe, non judgmental presence.

2023 May 31st, Client Carla’s Story and Healing Tools That Work

It’s amazing when you start an intimate, connected, committed journey with someone… where it will go. I’ve had the honor of coaching Carla for 5 years and watch her life literally transform professionally, personally, romantically, parentally… Now I’m blessed to have Carla narrate my 6 books and my 10 Allana Pratt Method Processes as a deeply talented voice over artist. Soon l will surrender to her as she trains to be an Allana Pratt Method coach and processes my sh*t! I love this woman and you will too…

2023 June 7th, Candid Confessions: The 5 F%*king F’s

In this solo episode I dissected How anxiety, fear, activated emotions and unresolved past traumas can get in the way of delicious intimacy, deep connection and soul shaking love. I transparently share my own journey of relationships from my 1st boyfriend, husband’s and recent relationship. I do my best to make a safe place for those smart successful people in this world who still haven’t found healthy intimacy and keep attracting dysfunctional partners… There is more than hope, there are proven solutions. There is a path to cultivating healthy nourishing intimate relationships where both people are literally better together. And the feeling of fulfillment, gratitude and Victory given how hard you work to get here feels like nothing short of bliss, grace… sacred rapture, oneness. Because you no longer hope that the universe has your back, you no longer think it, you actually know in your soul.

2023 June 14th, From Death Portals to BEQOMING with Benjamin & Azrya Bequer

On the other side of death is truth… that quote is literally tattooed on Azrya’s arm. Indeed the only way through is through. This couple’s story of their relationship and how they are willing to feel everything from devastation to rapture… is breathtaking. Talking about anxiety and how that fear paralyzes intimacy, this couple has the ugly cries. Yet they’re willing to lean in and take ownership to the point of being curious even about conflict, such that they never fight although they might disagree. They even went through two death portals during their relationship where they thought it would literally end, yet their willingness to never hinder each other’s fullest self expression or block who they were designed to be…. gave them the courage to fully let go into the unknown… and unexpected miracles unfolded each time. Completely delicious… and a reminder when we become the one and find the one, we need to still keep beQoming.

2023 June 21st, What’s a Sex & Intimacy Surrogate Partner with Court Vox

Court is brave. He gets asked really stupid questions, interrogating, insensitive questions… and still his heart is huge, his integrity impeccable and his authenticity refreshing. I love how we started talking about sex based on how are moms raised us! It was fascinating to discover the arc of the relationship of a certified surrogate partner with their client. Court and I have a similar superpower to see a client’s blind spot. We also agree on the exponential results possible in immersive structures rather a one off session here and there. His retreats are sold out, he adores the work he does and continues to expand his impact to support people’s erotic freedom, embodiment and somatic wellness.

2023 June 28th, Client Lauri’s Story and Healing Tools That Work

I thought I’d been through a lot of challenges in my life. Not compared to the extraordinary Lauri. She’s my inspiration, she’s our community’s inspiration and I know she’ll expand your point of view of what’s possible. From the early years of addiction to the loss of her friend, a devastating rock-climbing accident, the loss of her daughter and now raising a three and a six-year-old, this woman was ready for retirement, and everything has changed. She is the embodiment of bravery itself. The process I’ve had the honor of taking her through and the extraordinary support of the coaching community, have created nothing short of miraculous transformations, deep effective conversations, and the awakening of an unbreakable spirit of magic and wonder in this modern-day goddess.

2023 July 5th, Candid Confessions: This is what happened. Again.

I believe breakups, divorces and infidelity nightmares come down to a lack of intimacy in relationships, which of course comes down to a lack of intimacy with ourselves. We’re all doing our best, yet when any of us get close to the core vein of pain, that childhood wound, that traumatic nervous system response… our survival mechanisms of blame, stonewalling or disassociation often take over. Life has always given me clues to follow the path of healing. From my first wealthy husband to coaching Lisa Gibbons through Dancing with the Stars, to hosting sex education videos for the Sinclair Institute, to being interviewed by David de Angelo for Double your Dating… everything has helped me grow personally and become an even better facilitator of healing to my VIP clients. I certainly teach what I’m here to learn! Vulnerability meets credibility as we all ascend together.

2023 July 12th, Faith’s Her North Star with Karen McMahon

What an instant heartfelt reconnection with this amazing woman after being a guest on her acclaimed Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast. Karen is so bravely transparent about how angry and confused she was dealing with an exhausting toxic relationship. Then after a 3 year contentious divorce and starting over as a single mom, she put in tremendous effort to find herself. Faith is now her North Star and her kids have grown into emotionally intelligent successful adults. She and her Journey Beyond Divorce coaches have the blessing of taking men and women in high conflict or toxic relationships from a life of pain to possibility.

2023 July 19th, From Abandoned to Heart-Open Hot Mama with Gabrielle Stone

I can totally tell when someone is talking to talk but hasn’t walked the walk. Gabrielle Stone is the real thing. She’s fucking hysterical, totally gorgeous (even though I totally get she feels like a whale so far along in her pregnancy-been there xox) AND this woman has done the work and continues to. She’s a delicious blend of grounded practical reality meets woo woo and magic. And I’m completely convinced she’s married to such a great man because he’s an external reflection of her internal healthy intimate relationship with herself.

2023 July 26th, Client Melissa’s Story and Healing Tools That Work

What a delicious treat to share with you an epic journey that is only halfway through her year with me! Already she has let go of a toxic relationship and job, met her beloved (date #68) who is now officially her boyfriend!, her body that was collapsing in 3 hour adrenal fatigue is now vibrantly on the mend AND financially we got her through the block that she ‘can’t provide for herself’ and now she has manifested corporate clients that want her back, an upcoming group membership and a her first retreat in Costa Rica! The work works people, and she is the embodied truth of it 🙂

2023 August 2nd, Candid Confessions: Heroically Humbled and Happy Being ME.

Vulnerability is like peeling an onion, sharing stories of how self forgiveness awakened self-worth so that self-love flowed through my being.

I told of when I was 13 coming home from a student trip to the Mediterranean with presents for everyone but nothing for myself. I told of that shit crazy negotiations with my second husband based on fear of his wrath. I told of stories as recently as a few days ago being lifted into possibility by my girlfriend’s helping shift my point of view around the state of my restructure business. And I shared the joy that my self love is at an all time high given the power of the psychedelic somatic integration work added to my 20 years of quantum psychology spiritual technology work as an intimacy expert. Damn I’m humbled, grateful and so alive.

2023 August 9th, Soulful Mama’s Truth & Transcendence with Kelli Moore

Something really sacredly spooky happens when I speak with the extraordinary Kelli Moore. First, she was unapologetically beautifully breastfeeding during the 1st half of the Podcast. Second, it’s almost like I’m looking at myself 20 years ago, her mother just passing and her becoming a mother. Those moments rocking our children in the middle of the night, full circle experiences with our mothers. And when Kelli reveals courageous stories and transparent truths, she effortlessly shines a light on my blind spots every time we connect. She’s healing four generations of women with her bravery choosing to be free and setting her 4-month-old daughter free, no more codependency. No more having the source of our happiness or worth be our children. All the while simultaneously knowing that I am you, you are me, and we are one… and we are free.

2023 August 16th, Your Voice, The Song of Your Soul with Stewart Pearce

I’m still a little stunned, in the most exquisitely expansively delicious way.

Stewart is magic. The way he spoke of growing up with his gifts was remarkably aligned to my own son’s. His mom saw him. I saw my son.

Stewart’s response to the challenges in his life by being still… well actually by being mute for a few years until he started to hum, then sing in the choir and then become am amazing Actor, then the Voice coach to Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana among others, and an Emissary to 12 Archangels from Atlantis…

I know right? He’s an extraordinary being. The resonance in his voice is inspiring, his humor delightful, his humility beautiful, his embodied wisdom like a home coming. And he saw me, which touched me very deeply.

2023 August 23rd, Sacred Treasures From Tragedy with Petia Kolibova

How amazing that 5 years ago we met at the New Media Summit where I was honored to be an Icon of Influence. She had begun dating Chris Burns and now they are married and she’s 8 months pregnant! I knew I wanted to speak with Petia about self-love, self-forgiveness and self-worth, yet right out of the gate she shared how this is her second pregnancy, that she lost the first who were twins. We dove deep into the grief of miscarriages and how she bravely healed her pain and guilt.

2023 August 30th, Client Shane’s Story and Healing Tools That Work

Sometimes my life is so delicious that it feels naughty to be having so much fun and calling it work! But then again, I’m creating my life, I’m in charge, I’m the sacred commander of my business and I choose to have epic erotic divine bliss with my clients who I consider to be family! This podcast with my beloved client Shane was so nourishing to me to witness the extraordinary evolution of an already evolved being into even more of her radiance, confidence and receptivity to intimate love at the age of 75 years young.

2023 September 6th, Candid Confessions: The Power of my Body, Soul & P*ssy

I love the opportunity to do solo podcasts as I see the beauty of my divine path and how everything was indeed designed to grow and evolve me into where I am today. I went into stories of growing up witnessing benevolent power and the misuse of power. I shared vulnerably of where I misused my own power and how I’ve also awakened the best in others with it. I shared of my feminine power, masculine power, and pussy power 🙂 And I tied it in to our soul purpose and sexy confidence to be unapologetically who we are while simultaneous sleep pouring love in as and through us no matter what.

2023 September 13th, True Power Is In The Unseen with Carissa Johnsen

Oh how I love this woman more and more every time we connect. She’s 20 years my junior however she awakens something each time I listen to her. Timeless wisdom. Carissa shared her beautiful journey of having it all yet when asked, What do you do for fun? …she didn’t have an answer. She felt empty, her soul fractaled into pieces so she began a deep healing journey into wholeness and truth discovering what she truly wanted. We agree that true power is in the unseen, as the late Stuart Wilde called silent power. Carissa speaks in poetry and seems to channel such eloquence to express herself while letting herself be moved by my vulnerable shares. We dove deeper with stories of clients and ex-lovers speaking of the evolution of soul purpose and true sensual confidence from within.

2023 September 20th, Deeper Questions, Deeper Connections with Larry Hagner

Conversations with Larry are instantly deep, vulnerable, poignant, nourishing and real. With 4 boys, a beautiful wife and a full-time business, he’s definitely learned to bob and weave and go with the chaos, idiot admits sometimes he resists and has a momentary adult temper tantrum. I got curious about the power he cultivates that allows him to embrace the chaos of his life and even create it knowing it leads to wider evolution and deeper integration. It always comes back to our intimate relationship with ourselves… how can we be there for another if we abandon ourselves? This ability allows Larry to be the go to man for his friends, kids and beloved to trust they can have psychological safety and be themselves with him.

2023 September 27th, Client Amanda’s Story and Healing Tools that Work

Basically there’s nothing not to love about Amanda. I fucking love this woman. She’s brave, she owns her shit, she doesn’t settle, she’s hysterical, she’s beautiful, and she brings so much love, light, levity as well as truth, depth and vulnerability to our community. And she’s like me, similar in that we both used psychedelic medicines to deepen our connection to spirit, have incredible insights and access sacted wisdom… however we both would attract unhealthy relationships because neither of us had fully healed our traumas or created secure attachment within.

2023 October 4th, Candid Confessions: The Vulnerable Profile That Found Her Man

Our hero Brene Brown defines vulnerability as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. But vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our most accurate measure of courage. I’ve built my business on the tenants of vulnerability providing emotional safety for my clients and as a result, breathtaking transformation occurs AND I get to be real and not pretend to have it all together, because I don’t. I believe emotional safety is created by people putting our walls down, sharing whats really going on, seeking to understand not be right, judge, accuse or justify. I’m proud to have created a unique community where we feel secure, comfortable and free to express ourselves without fear of judgment or rejection. AND we need to feel safe before we’re able to be deeply vulnerable. I believe safety is an inside job.

2023 October 11th, Living from our ‘Love Place’ with Dee Wallace

Oh, how I love this woman! The IG live was epic, and this podcast is even deeper! Thank you, Gabrielle, for introducing your mama!

Dee is so wise, and walks her talk, we see the world as we see ourselves. We spoke of how so many of us have been raised, women take care of men… And then we go out and create that. What if we are whole and complete and perfect in ourselves… As are they… And we come together even stronger, having each other’s back, co creating beyond our wildest imagination? What thoughts will create that reality? What are your thoughts around relationships?

2023 October 18th, The Brotherhood of Belonging with Bryan Reeves

I really feel that Bryan is a sacred brother. I love how he walks through this world brave, human and making allowance for the messy. We spoke of letting go of trying to figure it out, no need to carry our burdens alone, how can we surrender into partnership with life. He told a beautiful story of his vision quest and remembering that life was working just fine without any intervention from him. Indeed the Divine animates us if we integrate what’s in the way of being the vessel.

We spoke of the deep work he does with relationships, leaning into challenges that arise, being careful not to take action out of fear or wounding. We spoke of the incredible work he does with men who deal with issues such as feeling not good enough, alone or exiled into worthlessness… AND how to change that.

2023 October 24th, Giving up the Doing… for Being with Tori Gordon

Talk about an old soul. Tori experienced an incalculable loss that led to a wakeup call asking, what is really important to me? She let go of chasing status or a false sense of external belonging and began to face and feel her deepest emotions. This awakened bravery to step into the unknown, leave the corporate world, a marriage and her home. Breath work, medicine, meditation and yoga supported her in asking a new question, Can I be with this? What’s it going to take to be with this? What if I let go of being liked for being loved and seen?


Soon she found her soul family in Vegas with no drama, inclusivity and a lot of fun. She had to step up and invite them, be the activation of this community, a willingness to ask for what she wanted and let go of the outcome. She gave up the doing and the performer and is living her dream life. She’s rested in assurance that she’s okay exactly as she is, exactly as life is.

2023 October 26th, Client Sean’s Story and Healing Tools That Work

Coaches coaching coaches… works!

I remember the first time I learned that Sean was interested in coaching with me, I read his blog… wow! What an exquisite writer! (I still look forward to his book!)

This conversation revealed the deeper reason why our souls collided- his mother wounds were exquisitely healed by a female coach… rewiring his capacity to trust the feminine, feel safe, deeply respected, and to awaken his relationship with his own feminine muse of creativity.

2023 November 1st, Candid Confessions: Trusting my Body Led me Home to My Man

It was all worth it.

In this episode, I share my Intimacy Journey when it comes to Sacred Sexuality and Erotic Embodiment. I had no idea growing up that sexual energy could be sacred let alone such a wide spectrum of flavors from healing and caring, to creative and generative, to bold and fierce love… to such sacredness and heart connected sexually. And I had no idea that so many of us experience trauma that gets stored in our bodies creating programs that repeat the patterns and that because they’re subconscious, they are blindspots to our ascension, freedom and fulfilment.

2023 November 8th, Ever Deepening in Love Through Any Weather with Sofia Sundari and Oliver Villwock

This was delicious. I was delighted by Sofia’s return to the show with her beloved Oliver. We began with a love story of how they met and how each of them had done enough inner work to be sovereign souls meeting in a more clear, aligned place than past relationships. They went on to express the tenets of their relationship, a stand for each other’s full liberation of all that is, which leads to deeper trust. Also, mutual love, kindness and friendship, that even through the turbulent weather of relationships, deepen respect and expand connection.

2023 November 15th, Surrender to Eros with Luci Lampe

I seriously think I could hang out with Luci for days and never stop talking and dancing and laughing and communing with the mystery. One of the many things I adore about her is witnessing a woman’s sacred erotic embodiment journey while being in a long term marriage, health issues and running a business with 4 children… As opposed to mine single, custody battle, divorce and PSI trauma healing before finding the love of my life at 53 yrs. What it shows me is that the Divine has our back no matter what, guiding us home into sacred communion with our bodies, our sexuality, our intimate connections.

2023 November 22nd, The Womb’s Where It’s At with Nicole Frolick

Isn’t it wild when souls meet? Absolute perfect timing in my soul’s evolution to meet a Canadian sister and talk about sacred sexuality and the power of our womb center!

From similarities with backpacking the world to integrating sexual trauma and healing generational wounding, this conversation reminds us that the point of being here on the planet is to be IN our bodies, not to leave them!

2023 November 29th, From Bumps to Bonding with Married Clients Brian and Nada

I remember back when I chose to date more consciously, I would rather date a man who had fallen down and gotten back up again then a man who had success, but I never knew who he was when the chips were down. This is the way I experience Brian and Nada watching them for the past 16 years… two successful people individually, as lovers and as parents… yet over time like many couples, a small bump becomes a big roadblock. They both committed to doing the deep inner work privately with me and joined the inner circle to support their marriage. The result is they’re stronger after all these years and even more in love 🙂 I’m so inspired!

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