Unappreciated Exhausted WAHM

Q: Allana, I am a WAHM (Work at home mom) but my husband does not seem to understand what that means! He acts like I sit around the house all day with all the time in the world. When I ask him to do something, he treats me as if I’m being lazy or wants a prize for doing it. How can I get him to see that I am working my butt off and taking care of the house at the same time. I deserve a medal!

A: First question – is it true that you totally value what you do? So there is nothing to justify or prove in your own self.  As I can sense the resentment and anger (although completely valid), I want you to do some inner work, to really come to peace with how magnificent you are and all that you do so that you don’t need approval, you don’t need accolade, you don’t need anything.

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