The Crazy Ex

I had so much delicious content with MeetMindful that I wanted to share it here as well!

So…the crazy ex…

We’ve all had them. And if you haven’t, ahhh… you’re blessed!

Somewhere in our dating lives most of us has had someone who won’t let go, who will torture us, harass us, and with whom we feel powerless in getting rid of.

This video describes three potent steps to not only assist this person in moving on out… yet also help YOU in understanding why you attracted them in the first place, and support you in healing that place inside so you don’t attract them again!

1: Disengage: you are giving your power away with this person and not able to make healthy choices so cut the chord and stop communication.

2: What are you afraid will happen if you stop communicating with them? This is big because this is WHY they are still in your life.

3: Why were you attracted to them in the first place? This is ALSO big for if you don’t discover this and HEAL this, you’re going to attract another one of them right away. Yikes.

I would be honored for the privilege of helping you answer these questions for we can never see our own blind spot! That’s why it’s called a blind spot!

If my coaching resonated with you and you’re ready to stop this trend in your dating life and make space to have someone honor, cherish and treasure you, then let’s connect.

Waking up next to your beloved is not only possible, it’s right around the corner. Let’s remove what’s in the way together.

Great love, luscious blessings,

Allana ~xoxo

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