Point of No Return – Single Forever!

I love being an intimacy expert for the wonderful people at Meetmindful. Here is a delicious question I answered for them: Allana, I’ve been single for so long, I don’t even think I want a man. I’m not saying I want a woman either, I’m just asking – do people reach a point in their lives where they truly become asexual – where they don’t feel like dealing with the opposite sex, so they internalize their desires and that’s that.

A:  I think there is a point where we can become resigned, where we can give up. Where we don’t open our beings to life force energy coming through us and we kinda of feel neutered. It is a matter of going back and opening ourselves up to the life lessons of what we have experienced and allowing ourselves to embody the energy needed to give us strength, desire, and passion.

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