Nuts and Bolts of the Female Orgasm

Orgasms are amazing, yes? Good for our heart, our skin, our emotions, our wellbeing.

And even though I’m not a doctor, here is my best shot at your wonderful detailed questions about orgasms…

Q: An orgasm is the peak of pleasure regardless if you have a G spot orgasm… right or wrong?

A: To me orgasm is a word that describes pleasure in general that comes in many forms of intense waves either centered in the clitoral area, vaginal walls, or even full body. There is a peak in an orgasm for sure, and yet when you’re not focused on the goal/peak, I have found the capacity for orgasms to last longer or have multiple orgasms.

G-spot orgasms? The G-spot is located inside the vaginal wall, a few inches in on the upper wall. For me it makes the orgasm almost feel like I’m peeing yet instead it’s female ejaculation and can make the joining of the clitoral orgasm together very intense.

Q: If you have an orgasm from only clitoris stimulation can you have a gspot orgasm?

A: In my experience, you can have either g-spot, or clitoral, or combined orgasms. Anything is possible!


Q: Is the fluid from g spot orgasms mixed with urine even if you empty your bladder?

A: No, it’s not urine. It’s ejaculatory fluid all the way.

Q: I thought every woman could g spot orgasm with practice but then someone told me i read it wrong… thought I saw that somewhere … so can we all do it … yes or no?

Again, I am loving the depth of your questions yet I am not a doctor. It’s been my experience as a coach who heals the emotions in my clients, that women have often gone from never having an orgasm to having many through my coaching, or from having one to becoming multi orgasmic, or from never having ejaculated to having g spot ejaculation orgasms.

A lot about orgasming is about relaxing, feeling safe, feeling beautiful about your sexual desires, about your body and being able to let go and surrender. For many of us, this is very challenging, so while all these technical questions are awesome, it’s imperative you do your emotional homework too so that you simply let go and enjoy the pleasures of your body, uninhibited, with great reverence joy and pleasure being a glorious woman!

Huge love!



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