Left with Wasted Years

Q: Another question asked by the single men in my workshop: Coach Allana, when two people make a promise to one another to love each other and swear that they do not need a piece of paper to prove it, is it ok if one day they say “Enough’s enough” and walk away? Where I live, we don’t have common law and my significant other and I made a promise to one another. Now she has decided she wants something else. And yet she was it for me. Am I really left with nothing but wasted years? What do I do now?

A:  My sweet man, first off – there are never wasted years – ever! If you were growing, showing up, and being present – you never wasted those years. Ask yourself: Would you rather not be feeling this pain right now and never have known her OR feel this pain and have known her. Don’t think about now, think about then – think of all the beautiful moments that would be erased if you hit the reset button. Would you still do it?

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