How Do I Learn To Really Accept Myself?


Question: As a part of my New Year’s Resolution, I am trying to find a better way to accept the challenges in my life and grow and become more real and honest in my shortcomings. What tips do you have on, not really re-inventing yourself, but in accepting yourself?

Answers: Accepting your shortcomings is another way of saying I love myself unconditionally – not conditionally – meaning I love myself when, but now – even if I never change. There is a place inside where the worst thing that can ever happen – happens, then can you we love ourselves there? When you can do that, when you can accept your shortcomings – all of a sudden you are at choice, all of sudden you are not giving your power away, all of a sudden you really can accept yourself for all of you and rest. It doesn’t mean believing that you will never have – you have just learned to no longer resistance that idea. You are actually at choice where you can have that – probably more quickly and easily than you ever have!


So, see if you create that little guided meditation for yourself. If not, sign up for a strategy session and let me take you to deep, fast and heal the core place where all the shortcoming are and you can let that ripple into the rest of your life and be the most authentic, free, power you that you have ever been!

I am here for you,


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