Do women only want guys with money?

Question: Do women only want guys with money?

I love this question. To me, it’s like saying, “Do women only want guys with penises?” or  “Do women only want guys who honor them?”  Of course, we want a man who’s money is handled!

However, that doesn’t mean we only want millionaires. Yet, please consider that it’s very hard to be feminine, receptive, allowing, opening, surrendered when you’re in charge 24/7 taking care of things, guiding things, paying for things, leading things, yes?

There’s something about a man who’s unstable, hasn’t figured out where he’s going to be next week, lives out of his car, can’t pay for dinner, not sure what his purpose is, whose home is messy, car is messy and money situation is messy… it makes my body crunch up, feel uneasy and unable to relax, open and shine my radiance in devotion to his legacy.

I liken it to a train… of course we have our own train, our own goals and dreams… yet when in partnership, you want to go where the man’s train is going… and if he’s unsure and the money’s not handled, then the train might go off the track, or perhaps hasn’t even left the station!

I remember back before I trusted the Universe, back when I was super insecure and wanted to be saved and taken care of because I didn’t believe I could do it myself, that I was attracted to super wealthy guys. I even married one. Yet I soon found that money doesn’t equal happiness.

But, poor doesn’t equal happiness either! It’s not so much about being a gazillionaire, it’s about answering the question, Does your life work? Is your life working with money? Are you solid, stable, grounded and working in your life’s calling enough monetarily that I can exhale with you, open to you, surrender to you, that you have my back so you can drive this train with ease, safety, deliciousness?

This isn’t taking women off the hook to also have her money issue handled, yet asking, Do women ONLY want men with money? Can be a deflection for either NOT having your money issue handled, or only attracting insecure women who don’t value YOU the man, only your Wallet. And if you are a man who has their money handled yet only attracts women who want your money, not YOU, then I’d like you to answer this question: Do YOU value all of you, or only your money? Do you know that even if you lost all your money, you are JUST as worthy as a human being? If you are using your money as your worth, then the only energetic signal you’re putting out there to mirror back, is a woman who only values you for your money.

OMG… isn’t this deep and fabulous to reveal what’s going on so we can shift it?

If this is a limiting pattern for you and you are ready to have your money handled AND have a woman in your life that values YOU down to your core, beyond your money, then let’s connect so whatever’s in the way can be shifted.There’s not much worse than feeling you can’t create abundance… and there’s not much worse that feeling a woman only sees you as an ATM machine.

You ARE the seat of your power and you CAN change what you’re doing and who you’re being, so that you’re abundant and adored for the real you by a great woman.



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