Radiance 3 DVD & 1 CD Set

Amplify Your Sexy Factor From Your Cells to Your Souls in Just 6 Weeks

with Allana Pratt’s Radiance Curriculum.

Allana has discovered a hidden pathway combining ancient wisdom with modern practicalities to support busy women like you, that results creating:

  • Self-Esteem
  • An Irresistible Flavor of Sexiness with Class
  • Magnetized, Quality, Off The Charts, Fabulous Men Coming Into Your Life
  • A Being of Grace, Power and Joy

Become RADIANCE Itself…

RADIANCE Embodied…

Walking, Talking, Shining RADIANCE.

All Packaged in 3 DVD’s and 1 CD

Week One: Trust & Pleasure~ Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Body’s Wisdom

  • What brings you pleasure?
  • Why do you deserve pleasure?
  • We learn how pleasure ignites your self-esteem to soar.

Week Two: Learning to Love Exactly the BODY You Have~ Yes, you are a piece of ART, a masterpiece!

  • How do you stop feeling like a piece of meat?
  • We learn to call a truce and stop hating our body.
  • We learn to redefine beauty, you’re not beautiful, you’re beauty itself.
  • How would Beauty say this? How would Beauty do this? How would Beauty dress, walk or talk? How would Beauty BE?
  • REMEMBER: This is fundamental, all Men say a Woman is sexy when she’s comfortable in her skin.

Week Three: Forgiveness for Everything~ the Ultimate Sensual Freedom & the Doorway to Powerful Feminine Intuition

  • What is your Truth?
  • What is your Integrated Wisdom?
  • What is your Feminine Power?
  • We learn to forgive ourselves.
  • We learn to forgive others.
  • We learn to forgive life.

Week Four: Ignite Your Juiciness By Flirting & Befriending your Pelvis.

  • How does it get better than this!?
  • How can flirting fill you up?
  • How can flirting make you magnetic?
  • We learn to redefine flirting!
  • We learn how dive deep into the power of our pelvis and sexuality!

Week Five: Befriending your dark inner KALI: Revealing what’s on the other side~ Fierce Love, Freedom & Full Self Expression

  • We learn how to transform anger into fierce love.
  • We learn how to not emasculate our men.
  • We learn how to not demolish our self-esteem.
  • We let our inhibitions die, concern for approval die, withholding of pleasure die, and controlling outcomes die.

Week Six: Your RADIANCE is your BIRTHRIGHT~ Pleasure is Proven to Heal Your Life.

  • What have we accomplished in the first 5 weeks?
  • We are healed from the past.
  • We are overflowing with pleasure.
  • We are confident and self-assured.
  • We learn how to manage men’s attention.
  • We learn how to stay open, How Could It Get Even Better?
  • We learn how to stay in the expansive question, What Would It Take To Experience More Pleasure Today?

What’s Included in RADIANCE?

  • 6 Full Dance Videos with Allana Pratt & Jennifer Joy Jimenez
  • 6 Full Interviews with Top Coaches and Experts, such as Dr. Sara Gottfried and Adam Gilad.
  • 6 Full Webinar Videos of Allana’s proven curriculum that has saved marriages, healed sexual shame or abuse, dissolved insecurities, and helped people attract the One.
  • 6 Weeks of Homework – Includes Syllabus and Summary of practices to use each week.

This is not your average Home Study Program

You receive over 9 hours of video on 3 DVD’s. You receive 6 weeks of curriculum on CD. The variety of this content supports you right where you are… physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.