Two Day Intensive Program for Men


Allana’s Intensive Coaching Package for Men includes an in person full-day with Allana as well as a series of preparatory and follow-up calls. Are you ready for a fully custom program to implement in person with exclusive intimacy and follow through?


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Every man will be asked to make a choice that will change his life.

Some refuse to make this choice. Some refuse over and over again, never heeding the call to become their true self. Every man thinks himself a hero but few are actually ready to step into the challenges that self requires.

Those who come to my full-day intensive know they’re ready for that change.

The challenges that bring about a man’s decision to make this ultimate change vary widely.

  • Entering a level of intimacy they’ve never trusted themselves to feel before.
  • Committing to one woman.
  • Deciding to trust again after a string of disappointing, damaging, emasculating relationships.

Some have never known the love of a good woman. And they know that to find the connection they desire, they have to change from within.

To meet these challenges, they know great change is necessary. They’re ready to cross over, to become the man they’ve always needed to be.

To get there, they need support, wisdom, and unconditional love.

All that, and much, much more, is waiting for them in the full-day intensive.

Regardless of their reasons, each man accesses a deep reservoir of courage to step into a Full Day Intensive with me. They know they will emerge healed, clear-headed, and utterly transformed.

They emerge connected into their most powerful, confident and noble self.

They emerge with a plan. They emerge with a clear direction and a compass to help them stay true to their destination. They are completely free and filled with purpose.

You already know if this man is you.

It’s time.




Full Day Custom Program with Allana

60-Minute Pre-Call

The full day intensive is – well, it’s intense. Which means we’re not going to waste any time. We want to get right into the important work, and to do that, I need to know a little bit about you, your struggles, and your history before we begin. That’s what this pre-call is for – think of it as a full consult thrown in for free. It’ll help me create a full day intensive that specifically speaks to your challenges and what you hope to achieve, so we don’t waste a moment of our precious time together.

Exclusive Day of Transformation

This is your day, which means every single moment is devoted to your challenges, your realization, and your truth. How the day is allocated will depend entirely on what Allana decides will help you most in conquering your personal challenges. Some examples of the kinds of projects and techniques we might use are giving you space to get real, learning how to communicate your own truth, walking through a guided visualization, and even physical changes such as posture and voice work. Every moment of this day is yours and yours alone.

60-Minute Post Call

When you walk away from your Day of Transformation, you will feel inspired to great change, and you’ll have a plan to implement everything you’ve learned. It’s likely the “high” of that amazing day will stay with you for some time, but everyone has a drop-off where they feel like they can’t resurrect that feeling of motivation and self-confidence. That’s what the post-call is for; we’ll check in, discuss what’s happened since your Day, refocus on your action plan and give you steps to work around any obstacles you haven’t been able to find a way around.

60-Minute 30 Day Marker

Just like the post-call, this is a way for you to tap into the transformative energy you felt on that big day and carry it with you in your life so that you can continue your journey. Every man encounters stresses, and old habits are easy to fall back into. Knowing the 30-Day Marker is ahead of you will help you stay to the new course – and the longer you’re able to do that, the more natural and easy it will become to maintain.

Location: Los Angeles, California or Travel can be arranged


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