Get Her to Say Yes Group Coaching

Men in our society have been taught that they have to stand alone, always. But that natural competitiveness men feel with other men doesn’t inhibit emotional growth – it enhances it.

I never thought men could handle group coaching.

I’d offered group coaching for women for over 15 years to help them with relationships and intimacy, but knowing men as I do, I was sure you’d be so competitive with one another that you wouldn’t be able to present yourself as you were.

I was afraid you’d hold back for fear of appearing weak in front of other men.

But I’d forgotten one critical thing: that men have gathered together to tap into the source of their masculinity for centuries.

And when they do, the bond formed is called a brotherhood.

Men stand shoulder to shoulder in the same quest: to cast out their inauthentic selves and find their true masculine core.

The men in this brotherhood reach out to support each other in battle and witness the challenge each man sets out to meet.
When that steadfast brotherhood is coupled with my fierce love, the power we create is nothing short of transformative.

You won’t recognize yourself when it’s over.

As the session unfolds, you’ll see a nobility within yourself rise and take over everything you do.
It happens through my unconditional love and hard-won wisdom, through the honesty and authenticity and power of the men standing with you on this journey, and through the grace this brotherhood experience creates.

The Divine Feminine meets the Divine Masculine – and all emerge transformed.
Including myself. Which is why I only offer this session once monthly – it takes a great deal of energy to create this experience and stand as guide and mentor to you as you go through it.

How It Works

We limit sessions to 12 participants, so that you get to know each of your brothers in this journey intimately and know that they are equally devoted to change.

Sessions are streamed privately via telephone and a password protected page that allows you to hear me live, while I take questions from you and your brotherhood either live on the telephone or anonymously via a Q&A interface.

You are welcome to listen in via the web if you would rather remain anonymous; Allana will always be live and on the phone. You can also call in on your cell phone if you are unable to be at a computer during our meeting time.

The monthly session lasts 90 minutes and is typically every second Tuesday of the month, though we do occasionally change dates and meeting technology due to severe circumstances or add additional sessions due to demand. We begin at 4:30 pm PST, 7:30 pm EST, and end at 6:00pm PST, 9:00pm EST.

You are welcome to come just once or to join us every month – but it is limited to 12, and some of the men who have gotten a great deal out of this group commit early because they know how valuable it is. If you think this brotherhood can help you, it’s best to reserve early.

Receive access to download your group coaching session recorded audio.

If you’re ready to discover the man you truly are – the one who can attract any woman by the sheer pull of his power and authenticity and nobility – then this session is for you.

Fierce, unwavering love,