Delicious You One on One Coaching

You’re at a 9 ready to tip into the next dimension at a 10 (which is also a 1… totally new, uncertain, the unknown) and if you could’ve figured out how to improve things by now, you would have. But you haven’t.

And that’s because it’s your blind spot… which I can see plain as day.

Dear precious gift to the planet,

I am you.

Yet I’m on the other side, the next dimension.

I am offering you something so priceless, precious, powerful… absolute freedom being You, bringing you home to your deepest Self, so that you embody Source as your Life… which results in…

  • a gorgeous relationship with your body,
  • attracting YOUR noble man,
  • stress free life’s work,
  • enriching friendships,
  • happiness for no reason… and more.

If you are reading this page, I imagine you are a high level, high energy, high consciousness woman yet you are also basically on empty.

This might frustrate you (having to ask for help) yet no time like the present to stop putting abusive unrealistic expectations on yourself, stop being perfect and start being real. Time to let go of control, soften, allow and receive partnership from the most powerful woman you may have met in this realm.

I see your survival mechanism that’s pushing away the guy, dissolving the radiance, that’s keeping you safe but alone… that’s keeping profound connection and mind blowing sacred sex at bay, or keeping you running on empty, running in circles trying to be successful yet denying your kids the presence they NEED from you to develop into confident beings… I powerfully, gently and yet firmly guide you into fullness from where you ARE whole, luscious, empowered and unstoppable.

I return you to your most authentic natural luminous state where decisions are clear, full self-expression flows gracefully from your lips, abundance adorns your very existence, and you magnetize the highest form of beloved relationship possible… and it keeps nourishing your soul’s journey.

Simply put…

  • if you’re not at peace in your body,
  • if you doubt, hesitate or question yourself,
  • if you are massively in control and terrified to let go,
  • if you feel invisible and yearn to be seen,
  • if you are lonely and single (or alone IN a relationship),
  • if you repeat the same sabotaging pattern where men who leave you, abuse you or don’t value you…
  • if you know you aren’t the quality of mother you know you can be and your kids are suffering…

ALL of this is a mirror. It’s time to do your internal work to heal. It’s time to reveal the True Magnificence of Who You Are.

I am more than a coach, I am one of the most tender safe mentors you will find, the most clear powerful fiercely loving courageous spiritual consultant you will find, the most sensual luscious muse-like seer’s you will find…

I love being an empowered women!

I believe that enlightened women will heal the world. I have walked the path from insecure to radiantly used by Source.

I know I am Beauty Itself, Sensuality Itself, Feminine Power Itself.

I love my glorious sisters unconditionally, showing them how to let go of control, trust themselves, trust Source, and surrender to the ride of their Life in co-creation with Spirit.

I am consulting less and less, and creating content and traveling in service more and more… so if your heart and gut are screaming YES work with her! Yet your mind is questioning… that’s fine… I am just letting you know by the time you decide, I may no longer be offering Full Day Intensives or Private Session Series and only Group opportunities to speak with me Live.

Know I believe in you, I honor you, I am grateful for this time together. I look forward to the distinct pleasure of guiding you on a journey to set yourself free to love and to soar in your feminine power and savor a blessed beloved relationship with a great man.

Deliciously yours,