Top 10 Things I Appreciate about Myself Today!

Allana and the morning sunset1.   I allow my tender vulnerable parts to be seen and soothed by the light of kindness
2.   I embrace my erotic nature, it’s sacred and kinky parts, they are the same anyways when welcomed beyond judgment
3.   I’m super courageous and will never ever give up, ever
4.   I am willing to not know the outcome and follow the energy
5.   I explore what’s right about my socially unacceptable beautiful unique truths
6.   I love God/the Field/Consciousness madly as my Lover
7.   I let myself be moved to tears about the blessing of being alive
8.   I’m getting OK with leaving people in the dust & soaring
9.   I forgive myself for when I was too scared to follow my knowing
10. I adore money and all the pleasure and change I can create with it

Bonus Round cuz appreciation tends to multiply…

1.   I’m getting better at not giving a crap about what people think
2.   I do my work, my practices, chop wood carry water, while being open to magic and ease and being gratefully surprised by the Universe

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