My Magnificent Montana Travels

MontanaBig Sky is right. Yet the mountains were hazy, a huge 450 ache fire was ablaze when I first arrived in Bozeman, MT yet within a few days it was gone.

One of the cool things about Bozeman is it’s surrounded by mountains in every direction! So we basically went to one mtn range a day, hit 3 out of 4 on this trip, and a morning spent at a local river shooting video… such glory within minutes from where I was staying. Divine.

I enjoyed a BUMPY ride… OK, did I really enjoy it? Well my bladder would say something different, yet the scenery was so breathtaking on the drive up to Fairy Lake… the wild flowers were incredible. The lake was SO GREEN you wouldn’t believe it! Wish I’d brought a dingy… pure heaven.

Allana PrattThen, by now you know how much I adore paddle boarding… so we went to this Reservoir and we paddled down the river… so easy… yet the way back against the current AND wind… a little harder… I went RIGHT up to the beginning of the damn and chilled out floating down the lake… tanning on the board, asking questions to my body, my very inhale and exhale revealing much to me, almost as if the lake was speaking through me. Glorious.

We also went toward Yellowstone into the mountain… I saw tons of rafters reminding me of when I rafted the Snake and Salmon rivers and peed my wetsuit when I fell out in a rapid and other kayaks went over my head… freaked me out. Yet this time I just watched them and drove past through the glorious mountains as we found the cut off to Hidden Lakes… which were HIDDEN! The black flies weren’t hidden… and no amount of OFF seemed to help… yet they only were BAD if you stopped hiking… to UP UP UP we went at 8000 ft? Can’t remember yet I felt WAY out of shape and God was I in bliss when we found the first lake!

Allana Pratt Swimming in MontanaYou know when you’re so tired you just don’t give a shit what anyone thinks? Well the water was so clear you could literally see a ft long trout right there at the water’s edge. So down to my underwear I went. No one was around that I could see, just a few people, yet f*%# it. I didn’t care… I jumped in quickly into the REFRESHING water and screamed in delight. YUM!!!!

Honestly you’ll have a peek at ALL the sexy brave bold and raw photos in and during the upcoming telesummit I’m putting on… so I’ll just tease you with that for now… pretty revealing, raw and I think, sexy.

Allana Pratt relationship expertI bought a sexy black cowboy hat and drove my friend’s truck and I almost never left… Montana really looked good on me! I loved the energy, nature and style. I’ll be returning from Canada through northern Montana in late August… seeing Old Faithful again through Glacier.

Ahhh… traveling nourishes my soul!!! LMK where YOU are so I can say hello on my travels.. and thank you to those who have offered a glorious welcome to me thus far! xoxoxoxoox Allana

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