Does intimacy fizzle out after the age of 40 or does it get better.

IntimacyI’ve never been Hornier

So I’m 43 and I just keep getting hornier and hornier. I am more confident for sure, I have made peace with my erotic creature and embodied her in SFactor pole dancing classes, I keep destroying and uncreating all my limiting beliefs with the Your Delicious Body potent clearings that Dr. Dain Heer created for our incredible product, I give myself luxurious bathes, I enjoy my vibrator and when I’m super blessed and when my body says yes please that it will be nourishing… I enjoy sensational phenomenal sex.

I take my personal practice for over 10 years of making love with LIFE to the next level every breath I take. I’ve always adored the Earth, dancing in nature, letting Life Force Energy have it’s way with me, experiencing waves of orgasm as I commune with Earth…

I adore having the breeze flirt with my hair, have the Sun penetrate my very being… daring LIFE to dance with me, open to receiving what The Field can contribute to me and my living… gifting the world with my energy, light, smile, touch, gaze, words, gifts.

I am so literally turned on most of the time… when I do my sensual mix of Pilates, erotic dance and yoga at home by candle light… my cat often climbs on me or falls on her back stretching in the bliss with me… I forget who is teaching who…

True intimacy is always with ourselves… all the way to the core, when all the judgmental voices within silence, when we touch true communion with our sweet selves. Then life becomes one big sensual yummy experience of tenderness, erotic expression and orgasmic delight… THEN when shared with a partner who also has touched their true intimate self… Bliss… humbling ecstatic communion… and WAY fun, joyful and alive.

I’ll be 100 and horny. Making love with LIFE… past a MILF and a GILF by that point!!

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