You won’t believe what Song we heard!

So Gabe and I were in LAX checking in… It was magnificent. Line after long line. I kept asking what else is possible. I kept being open… line three we walked straight to the front. OMG. The guy said it’s so good to see you again! Like he knew me! Totally bizarrely wild!

THEN as we’re walking to our gate down this long glass lined corridor I begin humming to the song… then my son said, HEY! That’s Roth’s song! It sounded like a song I knew; probably from Music 101 in College… like one everyone knows… then I stopped…. holy fucking shit is IT HIS SONG!!! So we stopped right under a ceiling speaker… I’m in total shivers at this point for this is an exquisite ex-boyfriend of mine… he played this for us, we have his CD, I have memories of joining him to his father’s funeral and he played his flute right in the middle of this huge airport, my son has memories of him taking him for his 8th birthday hike and playing his flute at a stream… and we’re in fucking LAX and his music is playing! His dream is being realized! His gift is being enjoyed by thousands! What else is possible from here!

So we call and leave this message and I am filled with gratitude for the blessing he was in our life, filled with inspiration of what’s possible when you LIVE your JOY and never give up… filled with gratitude to be graced with such wonderful people in my life… fueled to Live My Joy and choose to share this with you so YOU Live Your Joy… and never EVER stop putting one foot in front of the other.

Check him out on iTunes… Roth Herrlinger. He’s magical with the piano and native flutes… let YOUR song sing.

Deliciously yours, Allana

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