The Mysteries of Being a Sexually Fulfilled Mother

How to maneuver through stress, exhaustion, and disconnection to find peace, passion, and pleasure …
  • Are you an exhausted mom who works and pretends to be asleep to avoid having sex when he comes to bed?
  • Has the financial stress of the economy extinguished the flame of passion in the bedroom making him all prickly, edgy and grumpy to be with?
  • Are you having unsatisfying sex? Obligatory sex? No sex? Feeling resigned, lonely or hopeless?
  • Are you so powerful, beautiful and confident sexually that your husband shy’s away from taking you the way you crave to be taken?
  • Do you love how successful you are, yet yearn to be ravished to your core?

Here’s the truth. You can be ravished to the core TONIGHT. You are the power in the relationship. You are in the lead. You are the juice, the spark, the creative force.

You can have anything you want.

Yet, when you’re running on empty, acting out of obligation, not nourishing yourself, suffering through unsatisfying connections on all levels, being overly prideful, not asking for help, allowing elephants in the living room to outnumber members of the household…

…then you’re in trouble.

It’s time for us to get over the guilt, fill up our tanks first, give ourselves permission for pleasure because when mama’s happy, everybody’s happy. Seriously it’s that simple.  Simple, yet not easy.

As the Life Coach to Leeza Gibbons and an expert for eHarmony, I can tell you that when we women start withholding sex, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot, pushing away the very connection we yearn for. He’s been a shit and I get it.  So what REALLY needs to happen is communication that allows for truth, forgiveness and solutions.

Solution: Create a sacred time to talk, perhaps 30 minutes, where each person is only allowed to say, “Thank you” to the other person’s share. This makes it safe to tell the truth, no interrupting or judging allowed. Then you ask three simple but profound questions back and forth.

  1. Tell me something you like about me…
  2. Tell me something you think we align on…
  3. Tell me something you think I should know…

As a Private. Exclusive Coach to high end net worth individuals, I can tell you that many are so stressed out they wish they could afford a divorce! Financial stress is the number one reason relationships fall about, followed by the loss of a child… which either tears them apart or binds them together. Financial stress can ALSO bring a couple together when the woman knows what to say to the man.

Solution: He needs to know that no matter what happens to his job, his income, his status, his ability to provide the way he has… you love him. He needs to know that even if you’re scared, in doubt, embarrassed, unsure or uncomfortable… you will keep your heart open to him, love him, and stand by his side. He needs to know that while you respect and admire his business savvy… you love him… the man. Do this and men will relax, open up, reconnect and feel safe to be intimate again.

As a Sexy Mom Expert & Sexpert, I know how to take relationships from no sex for 2 years to quickies every Tuesday at lunch; from the silent treatment to connected candle light dinners; from predictable sex to swinging from the chandeliers. Again, 9 times out of 10, the woman giving herself permission for pleasure creates the breakthrough.

Solution: I’ll be bold. I know how to transform women from frumpy to sexy, overwhelmed to orgasmic, running on fumes to exploding with energy, joy and pleasure.  Join my 6 week Embrace your Sexy to the Core coaching series.  We will be focusing on embracing your feminine power and balancing it with your masculine to find your perfect balance of Sexy, Classy and Sassy. You can expect to finish this curriculum absolutely trusting yourself, trusting life, letting go of adrenal burnout control, releasing the perfectionism that pushes a man away… and you will land in the arms of more Feminine Power than you’ve ever experienced, experience yourself as limitless Radiance, magnificent Beauty… as if you are Beauty Herself… because you ARE.

So who am I anyways? I’m small town Canadian girl who got pregnant the week after her mom died. A divorced, motherless mom, who lost all self confidence and desire to succeed, let alone be sexy, whose ex either shunned her away when she’d do a strip tease or giggle like a little boy when her sexual depth and ferocious love came out. Now I can say that I am a woman who attracts noble men who are turned on by my sensuality, sexual freedom, beauty inside and out, my ambition, my heart and my courage.  And I’m even able to orgasm by simply dancing and letting go.

How? Because I’ve learned that sensuality and spirituality are One. That sexuality is sacred. That pleasure is healing. That our bodies are good, true and beautiful. That when I’m overflowing and full of confidence, love and joy ripples into my relationships, family and career… And when I don’t… It’s a living Hell.

So I remember that while I may be suffering, I’m grateful to be alive. I love the part of me that’s scared, ashamed or afraid as I would my child. Somehow that softens things and I can move forward with compassion and commitment. I say no to things that take me away from pleasure, that drain my energy, that don’t honor me. I’ve decided that everything can be done with pleasure, if not gratitude. Acts of pleasure make me feel good, juicy, luscious and radiant. I dance, take baths, take walks in the woods, wear my favorite clothes, light candles at my computer, wear heels as I unload the dishwasher… whatever it is that makes me feel good.

So while I still cry, get pissy and insecure, my life is also blessed with more mind blowing sex, more fun dancing on the coffee table with my son, more heartfelt hysterical girl’s-night-outs, and most importantly, more love and permission for me to show up exactly as I am.

I wish all this and more for you.


Deliciously yours,


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