The Motherhood Penalty

Relationship Expert, Sexy Mom & Author of The Missing Handbook to Motherhood, Allana Pratt validates the unfairness of today’s job market, penalizing women who are mothers.

The notion that women are less committed to their job because they’re moms is crazy. If anything, moms are MORE committed to work because they are driven to provide the best life possible for their children. Many a sleepless night has trained them to go beyond where they’d normally give up, translating into greater creativity, ingenuity and staying power than the average employee.

Additionally, most working moms who choose work appreciate the opportunity to have adult stimulation and crave throwing themselves into a project to excel, expand, evolve their adult minds.

The idea that moms have less time to work might be accurate in that they need to pick up kids for baseball practice, yet moms more than anyone are capable of multitasking and getting the job done more efficiently than others, because they do that every day at their job as CEO Mom.

One thing that I believe moms need not be ashamed of is that if their child is sick or hurt, no job will ever take precedent over their child’s wellbeing. Corporations who encourage, respect and advocate a family’s overall strength and wellbeing will enjoy employee retention. Push a mom to choose work over a sick child, she will always choose the child.

It’s not either/or. It’s both. Collaborating, cooperating, finding creative solutions with flexible hours, working from home, job share etc. are all positive steps in having creative, powerful, efficient moms on staff.

Lastly, in terms of a mother’s power to be hired: What you believe is what you see. If you’re being a whiner, believing they won’t hire you because you’re a mom before you even get to the interview, the law of attraction, your body language, your energy, how committed you present yourself in the interview… you will prophesize not being hired and be right about it.

Instead feel proud of your CEO Mom skills, why you’re a better candidate than others, stand firm in your talents, skills and capacities, stand firm in capacity to support your family thriving and your own creative abilities expanding, be open to creative solutions and the position being even BETTER than you could imagine… and knock ‘em dead sister. Your attitude, belief and actions will attract a fabulous position.

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