Allana and Gabe’s Summer Plans!

We’ll be roasting hotdogs and eating smores I imagine.  My mom used to call smores Angels on Horseback. Nice, eh?  Oops, there it is the accent’s back already.  My brother in law will come too, he’s great, so welcoming.  And Goose is the huge dog who puts up with all the kids with the best attitude.

Gabe is making these funky dog tag like necklaces for all his cousins.  There’s this battery operating inscriber that his Japanese teacher helped him create, Konji symbols, on the necklaces.  For example Hanna means flower in Japanese!  He’s at a play date right now painting them, as I had clients all day today.  We’re pretty excited to go for it takes two planes and a 3 hour drive to get there, a whole day’s adventure.

The rest of the summer is local with the odd weekend away to perhaps Austin for a workshop, San Diego and Santa Barbara to see friends and some beach days to Malibu, Point Dune for a quieter beach, for me and Gabe.

I honestly love my sanctuary cottage so close to my son’s camp, eating dinner in the backyard with a cold glass of chardonnay and the sunset peeking through the cherry tree’s red leaves.  My front porch and back porch are both flanked by huge trees, like bookends holding me safe, secure and adored in my cottage.

With the exception of all the lizards, the cat Muffin, brings inside, I love to have the doors open, enjoy the breeze through the French door, wear sexy little sundresses and savor that I GET to live here.  I GET to live my life, I GET to create anything I choose, I GET to be alive… I’ve been known to dance around my backyard in the glorious sun or the pouring rain with my iPod dancing like a wild woman…

OH! And I was gifted with two awesome iron chaise lounges last week, so need to pick up some fabulous cushions… will be doing WAY more writing outdoors this summer too. LOVE that.


Please let me know what YOU are up this summer!

AND let me know how you’d like to engage more with me!!

For example, would you like me to post more ‘reality’ videos of my life?

Perhaps a Live Hub Chat through Google plus to connect with you on video?

Have my Intimate Conversations be on Live Video sometimes?

Do you like the Tweets and FB posts? What would you like to see more of?

I’m here to inspire you and not always sure how I do so the most potently.


HUGE LOVE and can’t wait to hear back from you, deliciously, now go flirt with the breeze!!! Allana xoox

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