My Love Story: Being Silly

This was 4 years ago on a regular Saturday (ie NOT Halloween) and my son wanted to go dress in his Spider Man Costume and me dress in my Swamp Queen Costume and go to the Santa Monica Pier.

At first I was a Hell No…. and yet he was so alive, so vibrant, so joyful and fully self expressed… I couldn’t stand to squash that life force energy… and all I had to face was what the hell other people would think of us. Of me. Well, ‘bout time I walked my talk, yes? So off we went all in costume and had the most amazing time!

People asked for our autographs, we were given a free ticket to go in (worth $20!) AND I received a card that morning for money for Gabe and I to have an adventure! THEN we seemed to get bumped to the front of every line… with ease! I remember at the Ferris Wheel, like 4-6 people go in every carriage… but they asked if there were two who’d like the last one?! YES! we shouted and had the most magical ride over the ocean, the beach and the pier… just me and my little spider man.

I felt such love for him, for me to get out of my own way, he was soooo cuddly and appreciative for our adventure, I love you mom, over and over. Driving home  he passed out of course… it was Divine. I LOVE being a mom, his mom, a sexy dorky swamp queen mom.

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