Hoola Hooping on a Persimmon Farm with Gabe

Doesn’t that make complete sense? I mean circus training while farming?

So the deal is that, I was at my friend Monica’s persimmon farm for the May long weekend with my son.

Monica’s engaged in a total body transformation with doing those arial yoga moves on those pieces of material, you know? And she’s picked up on hoola hooping.

There were several guests who all took turns getting out of our rockers and sipping Good Earth sun tea… to have a whirl at hoola hooping.

Not as easy as you might think! High school was a long time ago!

What was the most fabulous surprise was how well my son did! He was frustrated at first, yet when we went for a walk as a group, the ladies split off to see the new house a neighbor was building, while Gabe and a gentleman went off to find frogs and cut the tail off the dead rattle snake the main farm manager had killed earlier that day. When we ladies returned, he had put on Michael Jackson on the porch while Gabe was hoola hooping up a storm!

The poor dear loved it so much he had a little bruise on his hip bone the next day!

What I LOVE about this is that many men would say hoola hooping is for sissy’s… yet I KNOW a man who’s ‘in his hips’ is a great lover.

You’ve seen the way a martial artist walks in a room; he’s in his “hara”. Grounded, centered, no one can push him over.

It’s totally sexy.

And even in sports or a dance performance, doesn’t your eye move toward the athlete who’s in their body, making it look easy, in the zone, totally connected?

I say hoola hooping gets you there. My son was so present, grounded, not spinning in his head, AND he was really into the music and having a ball. I know he’s only 9 but I bet if he was about 15 the girls would be drooling.

So guys… in the privacy of your own backyard, or for the whole world to see… grab a hoola hoop and give it whirl… don’t give up if it’s a little tricky at first… and let those sexy hips lead the way when you are intimate with your beloved.

I KNOW she’ll thank me!

Deliciously yours, Allana

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