Facebook for under 13? NOT.

My son is 9. He is not allowed to use Facebook. He also doesn’t have a phone, yet asks for one. I am opposed to FB allowing kids younger than 13 into this world. My son is fabulous, yet not emotionally ready for this.

I am focusing on teaching him healthy boundaries, trusting his intuition, speaking his truth, saying No even if he’s afraid they won’t like him, standing in his truth, even if it means risking rejection.

As a relationship coach, I am teaching my son that no matter what people tell him or ask him to do, he is ALWAYS at choice. If it makes him feel lighter, it’s good for him, if it makes him feel heavier, it’s not good for him. No one knows his truth but him.

We’ve enough challenges dealing with bullying at school, that we changed schools to support him. Even the baseball team can be a place for learning to navigate bullying and choose to behave with respect.

Entering into Facebook would be like throwing him into a den of wolves at 9 years old. The life skills I’m teaching him will not only support the healthy use of FB, it will set him up to win in all aspects of life, able to handle judgments of others and not waver from his Best Self.

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