25 Questions of Christmas: Allana’s Answer ~ Your Wish

What do you want for Christmas?

This year for Christmas, I’m celebrating the having of EASE everywhere. I used to have this blind spot and I’m so glad MY coaches have shined light on this for me. I used to feel of worth if I overcame something, earned something, triumphed over something, or  proved somehow I suffered sufficiently to have something. Wow, how exhausting was that? Every time things started to flow, I’d mess it up! I’d create some roadblock to slow things down and get in some real good sabotaging drama! I destroyed and uncreated that belief, thank goodness, and now I ask “what would it take to have a life of ease?”

Ease with Gabriel’s father, ease with scheduling my business, wellbeing, downtime, family time, dating time, God time, you name it. I love ease with my scheduling! And yet it’s flushing up all the NOT ease to clean it away, or raise the vibration to a workable solution with legalities and with technologies… yet I’m creating the foundation required for elegance, grace, and miracles.

I am also celebrating the ease of having travel in my life. I used to live in Japan, regularly travel, back pack, be flown places for work, or take romantic getaways. Having a wee infant puts a bit of a damper on traveling, yet many families do it quite effortlessly. I had created a “poor me” prison of only seeing my family once a year and not exploring the world! Thank goodness I was invited to Nova Scotia this past fall to lead a workshop. The travel bug has officially returned! I’ve since been to Calgary, Hawaii, Palm Springs, Phoenix, and soon Mexico, British Columbia and Puerto Rico! As soon as I allowed myself to have it with ease… so many incredible opportunities have graced my lap!

I’m also allowing ease with profound connection with people, able to savor moments with those I love, experience the pleasure, deliciousness and beauty of authentic communication, truth, and oneness. AHHH… not just having it, yet having it with EASE is so delicious. Airport lounges, grocery stores, Skype with clients, snuggling in bed with my son, interview on a radio show. I’m consciously curious about the next amazing conversation I’m honored to have with someone. Allowing this to come with ease, not work, not if I’m lucky, not if they’re in the mood, but just by letting it kiss my life spontaneously has been so fulfilling.

So for Christmas I am celebrating the having of EASE everywhere I turn. And as a cherry on top, I am celebrating the having of EASE meeting my beloved. I will let you know when I meet him.

Deliciously Yours,


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