25 Questions of Christmas: Allana’s Answer ~ Christmas Song

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

While I still get mesmerized by “Little Drummer Boy” and my heart cracks open every time the end reveals, “then he smiled at me ba rum pa pum pum… me and my drum” I must say Barbara Streisand’s “Jingle Bells” has become my favorite Christmas song to dance to.

My son has always impressed me with his capacity to know music.  As an infant he watched Baby Mozart & Baby Beethoven videos (my brilliant way to take a shower uninterrupted) and when he was older, like 2 or 3, Mozart would play on the stereo or in a mall and he’d say “Red ball” or “ducks.” I had no idea what the hell he meant until I saw this glazed look in his eyes and he was remembering exactly where in the video that music was and what simple object was moving across the screen. We’d listen to the SuperMan CD of all the orchestra tracks in the movie and he’d be able to tell me what was going on the whole hour. Boggled my mind. Now if I sing a song incorrectly i.e. go off beat, hold a note too long, attempt a scale that’s inaccurate, he’ll correct me. And he loves singing in “rounds”, Sesame Street was my favorite for that.

So come the holidays, he really loves Barbara Streisand’s “Jingle Bells” becuase she mixes up the tempo’s, sings slow, fast, and we made this video of us dancing & singing to it, ending up on the floor. There’s this one place where he’s convinced the best move is to slap my bum fast. I am so impressed with how he hears the levels of music and he cracks me up how he’s willing to be such a ham with me.

This year he’s getting a little too cool for another music video to “Jingle Bells”, so I hope you enjoy this video from last Christmas.

I would love to see YOUR Holiday music videos my delicious friends!

Huge love,

Allana xoxo

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