Tell Your Story, then RETELL your Story

Andy SteinhauserI was on Andy Steinhauser’s LA Talk Radio Show last night. He asked me to tell my story. He asked me to really break down the steps it took to go from never having coached, to coaching as a volunteer, to working for coaching organizations, to starting my own business, to becoming as known as I am and what I’m planning for the future.

He was touched by how many mistakes I was willing to reveal that will save you time, money and heartache… and yet every lesson I told about my business was a LIFE lesson, a RELATIONSHIP lesson, a SOUL lesson… how we do anything IS how we do everything.

What’s wild that I’m learning is that as I share my journey, and articulate the lessons, give tools for you to get there, and literally EMBODY RESONATE and BE the energy of the ‘other side’… YOU have the opportunity to en-train to my energy and HAVE the healing yourself. Or at least be welcomed to walk through the door to what’s possible for you… you actually KNOW (not hope) you can do it to, professionally and personally.

I shared about leaving home, living overseas (Andy’d danced under the moon at a Full Moon Party on Koh Pan Ghan in Thailand as well!) all the way through divorces, mom’s death and my current custody situation of letting go…. I RETOLD my story in a way that claimed the lessons, that integrated the wisdom, that embodied my greatness (so that you can do the same!!!).

I think the most profound part of the interview that changed ANDY and led him to email me to say,
“I don’t know why but I feel like I had a mini therapy session tonight. You have definitely found your calling.”

… was the part about pushing vs allowing. Making it happen vs. letting go and just showing up. You know if you’re on my email list (and if you aren’t go to my website to sign up- totally free, completely empowering, always delicious oxox) you know that I’m letting go of custody of my son for a trial period. I’ve done EVERYTHING I can to MAKE it happen, time, energy, money… you name it. Done it. Yet no change.

This is bigger than me. Humbling. And while I’ve research and am handling things legally… this is about letting go to the Universe… getting out of the way… surrendering… releasing control… and letting powers bigger than me create an outcome greater than I could ever dream possible.

On LA Talk Radio going Live!!Enjoy the interview and if you’re faced with a Tough Decision right now that’s keeping you from the Potent Possibilities available to you… to Have the life you dream… join my Membership. Included is a complementary 30 minute call with me to support you… everyone ought to have someone who has their back… I do, and to be held is so nourishing… to finally let go and be held is so healing, empowering and brought the clarity I needed, to hear the answers inside me… to take action for my highest good and my son’s highest good.

I would be privileged to hold this space for you.

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Sending delicious energy your way, for all your dreams to actualize beyond your luscious imagination! Allana xoxo

p.s. Here’s the link to the interview!!

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