Intimate Conversations Highlights with Betsy Chasse

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, Betsy Chasse joined us once again and WOW!  As usual, I took away so much from this sassy woman.  Betsy is so down to earth and has such a beautiful soul, that there is no way you won’t take away lessons as well!

Betsy shared some awesome insider info from her book, Tipping Sacred Cows.  Her book takes readers on a playful romp through the muddy fields of life and spirituality   To learn more about Betsy and to check out her offer, please visit

BetsyhatheadshorYou can learn more about Betsy in her bio below.

Betsy Chasse is an internationally known, award winning film Maker and author, most notable at the Co-Writer, Director and Producer of What The Bleep Do We Know?! In 2014 she produced the acclaimed Song of the New Earth which premiered at The Seattle International Film Festival. She has authored 4 books including What The Bleep Do We Know; Discovering the Endless Possibilities to Altering Your Everyday Reality and in 2014 Tipping Sacred Cows. She writes often for Huffington Post, Modern Mom and, She is currently in production on a new feature documentary about the Coaching Industry featuring Jack Canfield, John Gray and Marci Shimmof, and has recently launched a crowd funding campaign for a documentary Gotta Go In To Get Out, featuring the writings of Heathrow inmate and author Jarvis Jay Masters, based on his book Finding Freedom; Stories from Death Row.

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