When Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy!

Sexy Mom Expert Allana Pratt knows that it’s easy, even expected, for moms to put everyone ELSE first.

Yet drained moms operating on fumes end up yelling at the kids, being competitive with other moms, have a headache and skip intimacy while feeling guilty, gaining weight, hating themselves for not being the perfect mom.

Author of The Missing Handbook to Motherhood, Allana got pregnant the week after her mom died, was divorced within a year, lost the house, went into debt and hit rock bottom.

Her journey to regain her confidence resulted in getting her mojo back, coaching Leeza Gibbons through Dancing with the Stars and becoming the Sexy Mom Expert on FOX, CBS, and TLC.

She’s developed a proven system to help relationships thrive and families flourish through healthy intimate relationships with Self, Source & Hubby.

“Seven Zero Zero” is her strategy for mom time in the am so she can find patience and kindness (aka sanity).

“Stained glass Pedicures” is her way to involve the kids creatively in adorning mommy as a Goddess.

“Boutique on a Budget” is how Mom Time can be nourishing, praising, stylish and inexpensive.

“Modern Muse Mirror Work” is her intimate practice for moms to get their groove on. Dads benefit, too.

Author of How To Be And Stay Sexy, Allana’s cutting edge heartfelt insights into sensuality have saved many a marriage and birthed many a Hot Mama!


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