Seven Indulgences, Just for Moms!

I’m an Intimacy Expert who knows and lives these practices to feel confident as a woman, receive support as a mom, attract plenty of attention as a sensual being, while feeling beautiful just as I am, stretch marks and all.

1. Sensuality- Happy moms aren’t spinning in their heads 24/7; they take time to get into their body and distress. Take your shoes off and walk in the grass or in the sand, rub cream on your feet before bed… reconnect with your feet that ground you, center you.2. Succulence- We can survive on fumes, yet if mama ain’t happy… ain’t nobody happy! So treating yourself to a succulent moment can fill you to overflow if done right. Don’t just get a piece of chocolate. Have your hubby blindfold you in a soft scarf and either feed you that piece slowly… yum.

3. Sassy- I’m guilty of the sweatpants, t-shirt and ponytail. Yet my confidence drains away as does my confident edge and vitality. Today don’t just dress, bring out your sassy style. A fedora? Some larger hoop earrings? A fabulous scarf? Hot boots or even heels? You know that piece that makes you feel on your game. Wear it.

4. Sophisticated- While I know being a mom is the #1 important job in the world, when some of us chose to stay home and they ask, So what do you do?, so many of us collapse inside. Hold your head high in sophisticated elegant esteem that you CHOOSE and GET to be CEO of 368 Flintridge Dr., a thriving corporation of Johnny, Melanie, Dad and Me, CEO. Let your eyes twinkle. Own your worth. (Even if you don’t say it? FEEL it.)

5. Solidity- Moms deal with new challenges every day, no guidebook or degree prepared them for a choking kid, a bully at school, an unexpected move, let alone forgetting the kid at the gas station (happened to a client of mine!) Given this, SOMETHING has to make you feel solid, bring you certainty that all will work out in the end and if it’s not worked out, it’s not the end! For me prayer, a walk in the woods, talking to my best friend, or just taking 5 to scream into a pillow… do what you need to do to feel solid in your heart.

6. Silly – This is a MUST DO for ALL MOMS!! (Because silly is sexy, silliness reduces the stress hormone cortisol, balancing your thyroid which speeds up your metabolism and because it’s just plain FUN!) My son and I dance on the coffee table, wear costumes to the pier, sing and shake our hair to ACDC in the car, have fart competitions. Did I just say that? Perfection is sooo boring. Silly is where it’s at.

7. Sacredness- Listen up you glorious woman! You are not a piece of meat. You are not just one who keeps that household running. You are not just a chauffeur, cook, and facilitator. You are the Divine Mother Incarnate. You are a gift. You are a work of Art. You are a Goddess. You are a sacred, soulful, loving gift of Light and Love to your family. Tell yourself this in the mirror RIGHT NOW! I don’t care if it’s dorky. Do it! I love ya, thank you for being YOU.


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