Self Care Solutions for any Budget

By Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt

1. Cleopatra’s Potluck:

If regular dinners out are hard on the budget, no need to stop the celebrations. Join your burnt out fabulous friends for a potluck fit for Cleopatra. I know it will take some energy to make a meal, organize work/kid, find a luscious outfit to wear, to get to your friend’s home and be willing to curb unconscious gossiping to focus on gratitude, sensuality and empowering each other..yet what you put in you get out tenfold.

Take turns giving each woman attention, saying what’s sexy about her outfit, what you appreciate about each woman. Sounds dorky, yet if you don’t practice receiving, how are we supposed to receive complements? Raises? Miracles? What you focus on expands… thinking about being broke attracts more lack… speaking and feeling grateful for what you have NOW while affirming what’s sexy and fabulous about each other brings abundance and makes you feel fabulous. Living Sexy is about choosing to find ways to enjoy a decadent life, even on a budget.

2. Stained Glass Pedicure Party

Book a night at one woman’s home, each of you brings your 3 favorite color polishes. One at a time, one woman’s feet are bathed and massaged, then painted in multi-colors by the group in a stained glass look, like the multi facets of wonderful YOU! Allow yourself to be creative, not perfect, just clean up the edges later if you need to, it’s more about having fun and being pampering the modern goddess. Every time you look at your toes you’ll remember that YOU make people’s lives rich and what fabulous friends you have… also works great to do with the kids.

3. Culture Amidst the Chaos

I love going out to plays and concerts, yet when you’re on a budget it’s hard to rationalize that expenditure and yet if you’re like me, a part of my creativity and savoring of life dies. Yet, I’d bet glorious talent, is as close as your backyard. Have a talent show night where each woman shares her talents, a dance, a song, a poem, a ritual. I was blown away on my birthday one year when I asked for no present, instead a gift of their creativity. I was in tears the whole time. Our friends are so talented! Remember, storytelling is an ancient way of passing along wisdom, so share what moves you! Bottom line is when we’re fully expressed in giving or receiving, we radiate and glow…become more enticing and attractive women and much more likely to receive affection and support as busy moms.

4. Succulent Swap & Soiree

When you’re on a budget, doesn’t it make you want new clothes even more? I say clean out your closets of anything that doesn’t scream Sexy Diva. Send the man and kids out for the evening, meet at one woman’s home, turn up the heat, shut the drapes and turn the living room into a chic boudoir changing room! Try on new looks from your friends’ hand me downs. I get you’ll find a few new looks to spice up your style, for free! Then take the leftovers to charity. Now, you’ll look into your closet and see outfits that encourage you to love your fabulous body and confident in asking for what you want in the world. You go girl!

5. Re-gifting the Kids

Many moms complain that they haven’t had a date night in forever because they don’t want to spend on a night out AND the sitter. Point taken. So here’s what I’d do. Package up your precious ones and gift them to family or friends for play time or a sleep over. Literally drop them off with bows on their heads so that they don’t feel rejected – they feel like a present to someone! Then head home and into the bubble bath, and make YOU the present as you await your hunky man’s arrival. Or if you’re single like me, I just talk to myself in the mirror and say, Yes, you ARE a gift, gorgeous! When you pick up the kids, you will feel so much more grateful for them because you’ve recharged your batteries. When Mama’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy!

Deliciously yours, Allana

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