Motherhood Can Make You So Frustrated? Now What?

Motherhood is sooo fabulous and yet can be sooo frustrating, right?

How many of us are willing to admit we’d like to trade them in! ( I love my boy beyond words, but I’ve had my human moments!)

Yet, how many of us have a plan in place for when we get triggered?

How many of us move past and dissolve the guilt and take time for ourselves?

How many of us have stopped making excuses and created a foundation upon, which we can thrive?

How many of us have trained our environment to support us taking time for ourselves?

I know it took me a while to work through all of these questions, yet it’s imperative that we do, if we want to enjoy motherhood and be the kind of mom our kids deserve. That’s why I call my book, The Missing Handbook to Motherhood… because there were these keys, tools, insights and points of view that I needed in order to thrive and given when mama’s happy, everybody’s happy and I needed you to have them ALL!

The first step is to choose to have ease, fun and vibrancy as a mom (or your favorite words!!).

Then stop making excuses… I used to ask this one person to help out but they’d always let me down! I was more addicted to complaining about them and poor me… rather than change who I asked to help me, someone I could rely on, so that I could get on with my rocking life! The icky place I had to find peace with was that, I was addicted to my complaining… not so sexy… and now of course I’m much happier, have no victim friends and take full responsibility for creating my life. It’s mature. It can be intense. Yet it’s SO fulfilling.

Next decide what you’re going to do with your mom time!  Where do you get the biggest bang for your buck? Where do you want your precious time to be spent? with who? how? I love pilates, getting my nails done, an afternoon at the spa, wine with a positive nourishing girlfriend… and of course a wonderful sexual sensual experience!!!

I know this is WAY easier said than done, so celebrate the small wins and if you ‘fall’, that’s perfect too! Toddlers don’t walk on their first try! Neither do we! So stay present, one step one day and one moment at a time, glorious woman. I’m here for you. HUGE DELICIOUS love, Allana oxox

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