How to feel sexy after having a Baby!

You’re sleep deprived, your boobs are leaking, your organs haven’t gone back into place, you’re a wee insecure, how to do the whole mom thing, you’re scared to let anyone else help, yet desperately need a break and are overwhelmed by guilt to leave, wish someone would really get you, feeling bad you’re not filled with energy or interest for sex, loving this little bundle of love, yet not feeling your sexy confident self…

Sound familiar?

Been there!

It’s a journey glorious woman… you were only the capacity for woman, lover, worker, sister, etc. before… now you’ve expanded to also be MOTHER!!! Something that no one prepared you for, no manual, (except my Missing Handbook- ha!) but seriously… this is WHY I wrote it for when we search our cognitive mind for a way to ‘do’ mother and ‘get’ our sexy back… nothing’s there and nothing works.

That’s because we’re looking in the wrong place.

You ARE COMPLETELY prepared to BE Mother. That beingness is already inside you like the oak tree inside the acorn. And it’s just waking up now because the baby is here… thus if you doubt, over think, analyze, critique, judge or conclude… you will lose your self confidence, destroy your connection to your intuition, extinguish your knowing, and disconnect from Oneness where limitless answers and guidance lie… all found inside you… found when you soften your edges… found when you destroy and un-create all judgment of self or other’s judgments upon you…

This is what I talk about in my book.

No woman has ever evolved in her next level of sexy when she’s judging herself. (MILF is something like the 2nd most searched word for turning on men in the world… hello? A woman who’s given birth and that potent, with creative orgasmic energy is HOT HOT HOT)

No woman has ever evolved into her next level of sexy, trying to go backwards.

Nor pushing, competing with other women, nor hating her body, nor depriving herself in starvation, nor resisting, WHAT IS!!!

You are a glorious mother! You are voluptuous for a reason! As you love (not judge) THIS body, then your body will talk to you and suggest the form of movement and nourishment it wants, to be its best self…clothes that makes you feel gorgeous, people that enhance your wellbeing…

I invite you, pretty pretty please, to stop judging yourself right this very second sweetness! You are plenty sexy already, just covered in judgments… and the more you celebrate your sexy now, even just with a shower today… or some mascara… or some brighter colors to wear, or having a bath, not a shower, or letting the house be messy and just scoop them up and read to them, or saying honey I would loooove you to hold me and make it ok for us to be totally connected, even if we don’t have intercourse…

ALL these little steps bring you into the new world of your newfound sexual energy of kindness, caring, creativity and delicious orgasmic energy, as a blessed MOTHER and GIFT on this planet.

Can I hear an Amen?

LOVE YOU!!!! Allana xoox


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