Broken Relationship with Younger Boyfriend

Dear Allana,

I am  33 years old (for three years NOW) and  a divorced mom with two children (8 and 4 years old).   For one year I dated a young, SINGLE, cute man six years younger than me.  He was very conservative and his family was against our relationship.  During our relationship I kept saying to him that he must look close at my reality (single mom with 2 children).  Last week he got an amazing job where he earns double that he used to.  After that he changed a lot and last week he left me.   I feel confused.  PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS   ADVISE.

Dearest C,

I am so sorry for what has happened.  You must feel abandoned and used. You seem to have supported him and once he was thriving, he left.  I feel you.

You know, I dated a man for a year who was 8 years younger.  He supported my spiritual, sexual and emotional evolution. He was there for my son, very joyous and exuberant.  Yet he left me as well.  He wasn’t ready to settle down.  He wanted to explore.

I think this is a risk with younger men, not that WE did anything wrong, yet younger men are still Knights wanting to win battles, explore the unknown and we older women with children aren’t what they’re looking for.

My initial reaction is not that you’ve done anything wrong.

Focus on what you DID like about the relationship.  What worked.  What you’d like again.

Then focus on what you learned, what truths did you not tell, what boundaries did you not put down, what red flags did you not listen to.  Be gentle to yourself as you heal.  Grief is normal and natural.

Take care of you:  Baths, friends, nature, dance, enough rest.

And do your best to let go, not to beat yourself up, to bless him and learn from this.

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Know you are loved and thank you for reaching out.

Blessings sister,


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