Advice for the last single ladies!

I’m not saying this is easy, yet I will say you have a choice to have self-pity or self-celebration. I say choose celebration sister!

Ask, what’s right about me being the last one single? Extra cash for the spa instead of Sippy cups. You don’t fall into the toilet cuz someone left the seat up. You can stay up, sleep in, eat what you want; go where you please, life is totally your oyster to create anything that makes you happy.

If you’re single, don’t hang around tons of married people and expect not to feel weird. Keep a balance between married friends while engaging in new communities of people that do what you like – hike? read? travel? cook? dance?

Each week choose one activity for YOU that nourishes your creative soul and gets you out there to meet new people.

AND as Florence Henderson told me, the best thing a woman can do for herself is LOVE LIVING ALONE. She’s right. When we’re needy, we attract low self-esteem partners. Yet when we LOVE the company we keep with ourselves, we’re highly magnetic and attractive.

Lastly, get yourself a love mentor, a relationship coach like me, who reminds you how magnificent you are when you forget and guides you to create a lasting loving relationship. Take action where it counts. Never give up on your dreams, your worth or your enthusiasm for what’s possible.

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