Helping Women Achieve An Orgasm

I am not a PHD yet I have gone from not even knowing I had a clitoris or what it was… to being multi-orgasmic and ejaculatory… and I have supported my female clients in going from non- orgasmic to orgasmic, or orgasmic to ejaculatory.

The first piece is find out the beliefs that are blocking you from enjoying orgasm, celebrating your erotic nature, adoring your body and all that’s possible as a sacred sensual being. Next is getting to know your body and what you like through self-pleasuring with a finger, a vibrator.

I add the imagination component of creating that the Divine Masculine is with you… honoring you, devoted to you, in awe of you… a being of light with no ‘baggage’.

Then I encourage women to share with their partners what they like… “I love it when you touch me… it would drive me wild if you would XXX” Always praise and ask for even better, never make wrong or the judgment shuts down the connection and destroys the safe, present, open space required for orgasm to be achieved with delicious ease.

I encourage women to create exactly the sanctuary required that makes them feel like a temple priestess, a conscious courtesan, a divine diva… a goddess of the erotic… for me orgasm is achievable when dancing in the backyard, when simply rocking my pelvis thinking of a lover, being across the table at dinner and letting his energy penetrate my being…

This may seem like a party trick, and it’s not upon ‘command’ each time, yet I am highly ejaculatory and easily orgasmic from loving my body, celebrating my sexuality, choosing partners who are impeccably present and worshipping of me, and practicing self- pleasure regularly, releasing all self-judgment or judgment I’ve picked up from society. It’s my right to have pleasure and to embody the orgasmic energy of life. And I adore being the space of permission for pleasure for my clients to transform their orgasmic capacity.

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