How to clean up your past with your Ex.

Me on the rocks at Lake Tahoe, where's my paddle boardA Facebook friend Dave in the men’s community sent this fabulous rant about what’s good about him… and also asked ‘how exactly do you ‘clean up your past’. I’ve got major issues with my ex, which I won’t go into (unless you need me to in order to give an opinion) but i’m curious how you all managed to clean your past up and move to a more positive mind set?  Yes, getting past your ex is key to moving forward or the proverbial ‘luggage’ will hold you back. How is something that’s simple and yet not easy. I’d love the blessing of a private session with you for it’s pretty deep work, almost always brings up energy, emotions and feelings that we normally push away… they feel too big, intense, like they’d kill us, that we might hurt someone, yet when I hold impeccably safe, honoring, strong and wise space… literally like being the banks of the river so YOU can surrender… you can actually let go enough to let them go… revelations will unfold that are YOURS…

I’m never hear to tell you what to do or who you are or why things happen… I am here to be a wise healer, impermeable stand for your greatness so that you’re held and can let go and see what’s RIGHT about choosing her, the gift, the lesson… you can see what’s Possible once you claim and integrate the gift of being with her… while you find your footing in mid air, I hold space, encourage, acknowledge, be tender, kind, funny and inspiring… and deliciously we get to the other side relatively quickly. The deeper you dive, the farther you soar.

When I did this work with my coach, it was so deep and profound and uncomfortable yet freeing, that I will be honest… when my ex dishonors me today… like TODAY as I write this… it’s not like I don’t have awareness that he’s trying to piss me off… yet I have to be honest… I was able to move through it SO FAST because the root pain is gone. Having taken my power back, having seen him for who he is without judgment, having forgiven him and me, having learned and lesson AND taken action putting that lesson into actionable steps, having practiced returning his energy to him and not thinking it’s me… the list goes on… yet having done this work… I don’t lose my center. I can respond not react. I can stay connected to what’s possible. I can still be in charge of my life.

You know that for the next 6 months I see my son every 3-4 weeks. Well my son’s father planned his parents to come visit on my weekend, putting Gabe in the middle to choose being with his grandparents or me. He chose his grandparents and baseball. And so I can either freak out and be a victim and blame and give away my power or drop into that place of expansive freedom, power and knowing I connected to during my session with my coach, and then ask questions…(yes Access has taught me to LOVE asking questions… questions that WORK!! I used to simply ask WTF??? (not as effective xoxo)

Surrendered outside Mt Shasta...what magic is possible todayWhat’s right about this I’ve never considered?
What’s possible here I’ve never considered?
What’s phenomenal and rewarding about this I’ve never considered?
How could all this turn out better than I could possibly imagine?
How could all this unfold better than I could ever imagine?
What are the limitless possibilities here?
What magic can I be here?
What magic can I receive here?

That’s why I adore this work. I get to go to the core and find the magnificence buried within… and watch you own it and create a life where you’re honored, respected, powerful and free. So the first place we’d go in our private session is what do you absolutely love about hating your ex? about her abusing you? about allowing someone to hurt you? what’s the gift here you’re unwilling to have? Fun, eh? xoxo

Contact my assistant for options for working together. If you’ve purchased either my Dear Lover or Your Delicious Body, I’ll extend the upgrade discount option to you. Normally you have to act in the moment, yet because you’ve crafted such an eloquent rant, email and say Allana said it’s OK to purchase two sessions at a discount ($697 instead of $1000) and let’s do the work. It’s the difference between attracting another ex, and another ex and another ex… or actually taking the reigns of your life back and attracting the One. xoxoox Allana

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