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I wanted to go deeper about this awesome exchange we had. I wanted to be clear that TRUE confidence and self worth has nothing to do with the ego… yet in our attempts to never let anything, anyone says to us, good or bad, ever effect us, what we resist persists and our ego stays unbalanced.

I’ve found that on a certain level, we simply need the mechanism of the ego to operate in this seeming reality of separateness, while simultaneously knowing it’s all Maya, all an illusion and we of course are all One and no one is out there.

Then I see being ‘human’ as less serious and can enjoy the ride.. then I can enjoy a complement like a coat I can put on if I choose to, yet it doesn’t change who I am and I can enjoy the feelings while not letting it cloud my awareness of the situation. Same with criticism, I can inquire if there is any truth to it and be grateful for the insight and if it’s a projected judgment that has nothing to do with me, I can return to sender with consciousness… yet the allowing not resisting of the criticism keeps me in my power.

TRUE confidence has nothing to do with the ego whatsoever. True confidence is a knowing, not belief, but embodied knowing you are a limitless being and no one can do a damn thing to change that.

Thus have as many Ferrari’s as you want, just don’t be fooled thinking you’re an ounce better than the man who rides the bus. And don’t think if you renounce material things that you’re an ounce better than a man dripping in 100 companies.

I love the conversations we have together and love that Dominic is starting a men’s group. Thank you for ALL doing the work to be exactly who you are, loving all parts of yourself, shining fully in your authentic truth, and rockin’ your world!

Deliciously yours,
Allana xoxo

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