Coaches Need to be Coached, Too

By Intimacy Coach, Allana Pratt

Moms, have you ever prayed for something and what occurs
is the removal of what’s in the way?

Like you want more peace so everything NOT PEACEFUL shows
up for you to deal with once and for all to release?

Well I prayed for everything in the way of my Beloved
showing up to be released.

Careful what you wish for.

(and listen up any single moms like me…)

So I called my ex of 5 years ago for referrals to some
MMA, UFC, Black Belt guys to interview for my men’s
to guide men how to claim and ravish us to our soul’s core.
Martial Arts men tend to be very grounded, present, not
stopped by fear… my ex is a Ju Jitsu guy.

Anyhow…. he proceeds to tell me that he’s engaged.

I totally thought I was over him. I started to get welled
up with tears. Thank God he kept talking because I didn’t
want him to hear my tears…

And yet he went onto say how much she was like me here,
and there, and here and there… (more tears) and yet she
was his age, no kids. (I’m 41, he’s 33).

Smuck in my gut, heart feeling wounded.

I kept it together to say congratulations, hung up the
phone and let the tears flow.

Now my MIND knows he isn’t on purpose, isn’t capable at
this point of the commitment I need for me and my son.

Yet my body & heart were clearly triggered.

This is when it’s great to know when to ask for help.

I called my amazing friend, colleague and coach Aurora
and she just
let me emote.

The most painful thought I had was “I’ll never find
someone big and strong.” In that statement was the past
5 years of feeling alone, having to do it all myself,
working my butt off, lonely nights…

We did some Byron Katie worksheet work, and Aurora’s
Peace Method and noticed that my thought was in the future,
not the present moment (which is a guarantee for suffering).

We noticed that in truth I HAD found big strong men in the
past so it was more likely that I would again, than be
alone forever.

We noticed that in face those big strong men had found me…
so the most TRUE statement was…

Someone big and strong is finding me.

Something MASSIVE exhaled in my body. I didn’t have to
find him.

Then of course she reminded me that the BIG GUY himself,
the masculine energy of God (and the BIG GIRL HERSELF, the
feminine energy of God) already has found me… I just need
to let them in, to support me, love me, be with me.

Ahhh… this felt so Divine, soft, nourishing to remember.

And I was off the hook to have to find HIM, I just had to
be me, show up, be the radiant, alive and grateful woman
I am and he’ll see me.

This birthed a deeper level of Faith than I had previously

I’m interviewing Aurora this Thursday on my weekly free
Live Event called Intimate Conversations. She’s going to
teach a way to thrive through the holidays when we’re alone
from a death, divorce or breakup. And of course as with
all my Intimate Conversation Events… intimate truths
are revealed that give YOU permission to be authentic to
the core with yourself, Source and your Beloved.

The calls are for men and women, absolutely free, yet you
need to register for the call in number. It’s my way of
presenting to you quality experts to expand your delicious
lives and a way to leave my mark in this world as a vulnerable
transparent leader, committed to making it safe and delicious
to be real.

Thank you for this honor of being included in the  #MayMomBlog!!
What stunning women, moms and community this is indeed.

Speaking of which, do check out Nadia’s amazing blog!!! I
was honored to be interviewed by her this past month. What’
a profound conversation, thank you Nadia!

AND of course Christine is off the charts as well!!! She with
Nadia, created this incredible group of amazing mothers
to touch our hearts and spread our wings. Bravo!!

Blessings to you all, deliciously yours, Allana

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