The Pillar of Honor- Essential for Intimacy

Allana and Dr Dain

Your Delicious Body with Allana Pratt and Dr. Dain Heer

Most recently, I have been humbled by how I made a few decisions totally dishonoring my moral code, my truth, my knowing.

I’m going to go vulnerable heart open revealing in my next book The Reluctant MILF… decisions I made that led to me hiding and punishing myself for having gone against my truth, sentencing myself with a life of hell in a prison… with a Pollyanna happy face on to stay above water, all the time denying this painful truth… why? Because I didn’t believe I could change it.


We are limitless beings. We can change anything we damn well choose.

And the KEY to changing anything is to honor yourself no matter what. Honoring yourself is taking the time to hear your truth, follow your truth, take actions aligned with your truth, a willingness to go against the crowd and be the leader of One if necessary… to honor yourself as the most important person in your world, for you ARE.

Now what does that have to do with Intimacy? How can you let down all your barriers, be vulnerable, authentic, genuine and real… expressing your most organic natural erotic nature… when you are at war on the inside? You can’t!Allana and Dr. Dain Heer

And how can you honor another, their desires, without judgment and explore the unknown feeling grounded, clear, open and delighted with what’s possible… letting them feel seen, adored, received and celebrated for exactly who they are… if you don’t feel the same way about YOUR truth?

It’s taken me years… OK decades to get to this place where I’m in celebration of my sacred erotic nature… I LOVE sex, I LOVE being sensual, having pleasure, receiving…and I know what I like and what I don’t, yet I’m also willing to try new things and once I get there… I can decide if it works for me or not… I trust my knowing and honor what’s real for me. This makes me non-judgmental, adventurous and present… and I’ve attracted consistently more exquisite lovers… and most recently really ready for HIM to show up.

your delcious bodyI’m so proud of how effective the Your Delicious Body DVD/CD is to cultivate this exquisite Intimate Relationship with you. If you want more, contact Dr. Dain Heer for private sessions or upgrade to two private discounted sessions with me when you invest. This is the most important work you’ll ever do.

Start within. That’s the short cut to the best of relationships ALL over your life, sexual, friendships, parenting, work… it all comes down to the intimate relationship of Honor you have with your delicious self.

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