Allana’s Relaxing, Detoxing & Healing Stress Relieving Bath

Allana’s Relaxing, Detoxing & Healing Stress Relieving Bath

I believe we’re at least 60% water, yes? Dr. Emoto’s amazing results of changing the molecular structure of water through our words and thoughts is breathtaking. Various guided mediations I’ve created over the years have included the ocean, or soothing ponds where warm rain washes away limiting beliefs.

Juxtapose that embracing of water’s power….to a rushed quick shower, my mind racing, scrubbing my body unconsciously… totally missing the soothing healing capacity the shower has to soothe my soul, wash away limiting beliefs, cleanse me of the prior day and leave me fresh to create something wonderful…

And so I now I make baths a priority and wanted to share my personal ritual and products with you. I encourage you ladies to play track 2 (Luscious You) in my ‘Embracing the Sacred Erotic YOU’ Guided Meditations… using your bath time as a potent ritual of healing, de-stressing and coming home more deeply to your true feminine nature. Sometimes all we need is a wee prompting to treat ourselves with the adoration we deserve.

So here is a list of ingredients to make the most nourishing detoxing bath possible… listen to my loving voice to support you letting go of the day, the past, the judgments that aren’t even yours… if tears are there… let them out… if pain is in your body… let the water dissolve it away… if you’re trying to control something… just let it wash away…. cleanse anything unsupportive so you can effortlessly reveal the pure phenomenal Being you are… know you are adored!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

What you’ll need to add as you run your hot-as-you-can-stand-it bath:

1. Epsom Salt– 2-3 cups
2. Sacred Mountain Essential Oil – 5 drops
3. Vitamin C Powder – 1000-2000 mg
4. Baking soda- 1/2 cup

I LOVE lighting an Aspen Bay Candle found in this section- Vesuvius is the one that makes me KNOW I am a Goddess. Try it. Lasts forever.
Then press play on track 2, Luscious You, of my Embracing the Sacred Erotic YOU guided meditation…and voila!
You will FEEL like a new women, yet all you’ve done is take the time, energy and investment to create the space to return to your Soul, your Essence, your Divine Feminine Nature, because you are worth it! I love spending $100 on all the products that make my home a spa EVERYDAY rather than more than $100 on going to a spa only one time! True?

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