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What to do when his sex drive is too much for you?

Allana Pratt, Intimacy ExpertWhat is a girl supposed to do when his sex drive is more robust than yours? Do you have to keep up or should he slow down?

Neither. Or both. It’s a dance. Notice the most amazing dance performances with couples… they both don’t do the same thing all the time, right? One has a solo, then the other. Sometimes it’s intense, other times slow and sweet.

The first thing is to destroy the judgment that something is wrong… nothing’s wrong! You’re just doing a new dance! For me, if I think I have to perform, reach orgasm and he wants that and wants sex all the time, it’s a lot of pressure! Yet what if he wants to devour me, please me, pleasure me, and all I have to do is receive? And whatever happens …happens? Be willing to create what works for you here. Read More →

Did you have a one night stand that you regret?

Allana Pratt Intimacy ExpertOne night stands. Such shame around them. Such a deep topic rich with insights and possibilities…

With the clients I have who were single, not dating and had a one night stand and feel ashamed… I ask why? Was it fun? Great! Were you honored? Great! Did you grow, expand and learn about yourself? Great! Were they grateful for you, your body, your beauty, your self expression? Great!

The one night stands only seemed to hurt when people were NOT honored, didn’t have fun, the other wasn’t grateful for them, it was passionately unconscious and addictive, not joyously a CHOICE on both parties. Read More →

Straight talk about sex, intimacy and your body.

Your Delicious Body Judgment destroys awareness.

Judgment destroys libido.

Judgment destroys YOU.

That’s why the more you adore your body, the more turned on you get. The more you dissolve your shame of your sexual nature, the more sex appeal you ooze! The more you erase guilt for having pleasure, the more pleasure you attract and enjoy! Read More →

You want pleasure… yet won’t ask for it… in bed.

Allana Pratt in costa RicaI highly doubt any of us have gotten away with NEVER being rejected, put down or looked at weird for asking for what we want in bed. In fact a man literally ran OUT of my HOUSE once! (No I’m not going to tell you why… at least not yet…)

In fact all you have to do to discover your flavor of sexuality is too much or not enough is read the cover of Cosmo. I think I’m pretty good at felacio having hosted all those Sinclair Education Institute Videos… and yet I don’t know 17 ways to please him orally before noon! Read More →

How to Talk Sexy – K is for Kinky!

Hands down the best advice I give my female clients to talk sexy without sounding stupid, which has resulted in getting the best seat in the restaurant when they were fully booked for the night or making a man pop the question who used to be a player… is to talk with her other set of lips. Yes, down there. Not a ventriloquist trick… just source your words from down there, notice how your voice will be lower, you’ll drop into this temptress energy, you’ll feel a little naughty and he won’t know what hit him. Read More →

Sizzle gone in your sex life? Do it in the woods…

So I have a glorious client who complained of boring sex in her marriage. Now I am going to give you some great ideas of what to do that turned us both on, in our coaching call… yet SHE had a husband to go try them out with and I am single and ready to unleash this on my next lover! Ha!

Yet the important step BEFORE this will work to truly enhance the erotic adventure in your sex life… is taking a look at what limiting beliefs are in the way of you having this great sex now. I mean you DID have great sex at one point, right? So what happened? Read More →