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Allana Gets Real with Deb Owen

I love to get intimate. I love authentic conversations. I love someone who can go eye to eye with me as a listener… truly listening, not just waiting for me to stop talking to ask another question, oblivious to what I just said.


Deb is a GREAT communicator. She asked questions that made me come alive. She knew the dance of listening and talking, sharing her journey and inviting me go deeper and deeper based on the space she could hold.

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Doing it Outside


OK, I adore this photo! Yamini took it at my women’s retreat up in northern California. I felt so sexy, like a forest nymph, ready for the Earth to DO ME! I really feel sexy in nature! I remember even giving a client an adventurous homework assignment to bring some ropes, a velvet eye mask and when hiking with her husband, to get him to turn around while she did her best to tie herself to a tree and invite him to ravish her! (I heard it went rather erotically!) Read More →

How often should I have sex with my woman?

Hiking Gallatin Canyon a few hours from Yellowstone!I never knew this… so glad I’m a teacher and also a student!! Omarian Atman (check out our interview on Intimate Conversations) taught me about Legacy Astrology and that apparently we are all wired slightly differently with what truly nourishes us. In saying this, many women enjoy sex and yet some women actually require it for nurturing.

I don’t know if you believe this or not, yet it would be curious to have your chart read and see how things stack up for you. For me, nourishing, reverential, honoring, sacred sex according to my chart, nurtures me to my core. While I may enjoy travel, chocolate and dancing… sacred sex fulfills me in a way nothing else does. I have to agree. Read More →

Does intimacy fizzle out after the age of 40 or does it get better.

IntimacyI’ve never been Hornier

So I’m 43 and I just keep getting hornier and hornier. I am more confident for sure, I have made peace with my erotic creature and embodied her in SFactor pole dancing classes, I keep destroying and uncreating all my limiting beliefs with the Your Delicious Body potent clearings that Dr. Dain Heer created for our incredible product, I give myself luxurious bathes, I enjoy my vibrator and when I’m super blessed and when my body says yes please that it will be nourishing… I enjoy sensational phenomenal sex.

I take my personal practice for over 10 years of making love with LIFE to the next level every breath I take. I’ve always adored the Earth, dancing in nature, letting Life Force Energy have it’s way with me, experiencing waves of orgasm as I commune with Earth… Read More →

Can a relationship survive after the unthinkable happens?

Allana PrattYes, infidelity. And yes, it can totally survive. Yet it’s not as simple as that.

I have this capacity, a gift I would say. I am highly sensitive. It sure made growing up tough as bullies really hurt my feelings.. and yet my ‘wrongness’ was actually a ‘strongness’ as my friend and colleague Dr. Dain says… my capacity to be highly sensitive to what’s REALLY going on makes me an effective counselor when something as intense as infidelity happens.

9 times out of 10, the infidelity is a symptom of something else going on in the relationship that was unspoken. One or both of the couple was unwilling to communicate when their needs weren’t being met. The couple almost never had a true “here’s the deal” talk about sex when they got together or got married. They didn’t face what would happen if one wanted to have sex with someone else. They just assumed it would never happen, or thought talking about it would MAKE it happen! Exactly the opposite!!! Talking about the deal lets you know what each is expected to provide for the deal to work. Read More →

The Pillar of Honor- Essential for Intimacy

Allana and Dr Dain

Your Delicious Body with Allana Pratt and Dr. Dain Heer

Most recently, I have been humbled by how I made a few decisions totally dishonoring my moral code, my truth, my knowing.

I’m going to go vulnerable heart open revealing in my next book The Reluctant MILF… decisions I made that led to me hiding and punishing myself for having gone against my truth, sentencing myself with a life of hell in a prison… with a Pollyanna happy face on to stay above water, all the time denying this painful truth… why? Because I didn’t believe I could change it.


We are limitless beings. We can change anything we damn well choose.

And the KEY to changing anything is to honor yourself no matter what. Honoring yourself is taking the time to hear your truth, follow your truth, take actions aligned with your truth, a willingness to go against the crowd and be the leader of One if necessary… to honor yourself as the most important person in your world, for you ARE. Read More →