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Am I Single Because My Parents Always Fought?

Coach Allana Pratt was asked, “My parents fought a lot when I was younger and I feel as if that is the reason why I am 25 and have never been in a relationship. How can I get past this hangup?


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We Fight, Boyfriend Shuts Me Out

You asked Allana:  When my boyfriend and I have problems, he just shuts down. He wants for it to blow over. How can I get him to communicate?

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Single Since My Divorce

Question: I haven’t been on a date since my divorce. I don’t want to say or do the wrong thing, what advice do you have for people starting to date again? Read More →

Trusting Again After a Relationship Ends

Question: How do I trust women again after a breakup? Read More →

What do I wear on a ‘group date’ so I don’t get rejected?

Another memorable question from the beautiful men with the Good Men Project…


Allana, this may sound a little silly, but I need your help. I’m supposed to go on a group date and I have no idea what to wear. I’m a male, so asking a buddy just ISN’T going to happen. In the past, I have previously known the women I’ve dated…so I’d already passed the ‘first impression’ mark in the relationship so I wasn’t worried about my attire. But this will be the first time they’ll see me! How should I look so I don’t get shot down before I even open my mouth?

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In Love With Another. How Do I End Things With Current?

Q: Allana, when you are with one person but know you love another, how do you end things? How do you look at someone who cares so much about you and tell them that you don’t feel the same way, that your heart belongs somewhere else?

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