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Green Flags that Relationship is Right for You

Q: Coach Allana, people always ask what are the red flags in terms of a relationship. What about the “green” ones? What are some green flags to let you know the relationship is right for you?

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Play a Game – Win the Friend Zone

Q: Allana, I’m tired of stupid ass games. I met this woman and we seemed to hit off (story of my life). After a few dates, she drops the “f” word – shit, friend zone. Then one night she randomly starts text me, asking me questions about my past. Is she interested in me or what’s the deal?

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Questions to Create a Deeper Relationship

Q: Allana, if you are trying to get to know someone on a deeper level what are some really good questions to ask?

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I am Always Initiating! How Can I Change This?

Q:   I am always initiate any intimacy between us.  Does this mean she doesn’t like me, that she isn’t into me?  How can I change this?
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Feelings about Artificial Insemination?

Q:  Allana, I am not having any luck with men and I will be 40 in a few years. I feel as if the window is closing for babies. How do you feel about artificial insemination.

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New Self-Help Book featured on Dating News

The exquisite honor to be called upon in order to share my knowledge and personal insight is orgasmic.  Writing my new self-help book allowed me to expose myself to the world, to share my inner most personal secrets, and to reveal how one can rise above – releasing to the universe what has been holding us back.

To have Dating News write about my new book was a blessing!  I am so excited to share this article with you.  Here is my favorite part:

It may not be easy, but Allana emphasizes to singles that love is always worth moving through scary challenges into deeper connection. Her steadfast encouragement reminds people not to give up in the face of dating or relationship challenges. As she said, “Being uncomfortable means you’re growing beyond where your last relationship failed.”

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