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First Date Was to an Adult Store!

Q: I recently read an article Allana, that a man was so determined not to be put in the friend zone, that he took his first date to a porn store parking lot. While I think that is awesome, how would a rational woman react to that? I find it kinda funny but I do think something was wrong with him!
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Who to Trust When Dating

Q: What is the secret to determining if someone I am dating is worth keeping, is trustworthy, essentially is an honest person.
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Disagree! Don’t Avoid Dinner with the Ex!

Q: Allana, I just caught one of your YouTube videos. Personally, I have dinner regularly with my ex. It was important to me that we ended as friends. I still dated other people, it caused no problems. If there are no conflicts, why not? Read More →

We All Use Each Other in Relationships, Right?

Q: Allana, in your YouTube video about the woman falling in love with the man that lives with his girlfriend, you said “He’s using you!” In any relationship, everyone uses each other in some degree to meet each others needs, wouldn’t you agree?
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Lesbian Sister is Hitting It Off with My Bi Girlfriend, Help!

Q: Oh Allana, my sweet Allana. I would love your opinion on my twisted situation. I’m a 34 year old male. I have a wonderful 29 year old sister. The kicker is she is a lesbian and I am full support of her, until last week when she found out the girl I was dating is bi and then they hit it off. Now, I know there are rules between men when it comes to expressing interest in someone you are dating but what are the rules about siblings?
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In Love with a Man Who’s Girlfriend Just Died (He Left Me for Her)

Q: I’m in love with a man, who’s in love with his girlfriend (who recently passed away). The woman he left me for just recently died in a car accident. We were together for three years. I want to be there for him but watching him mourn over the woman he chose over me is more than I can bare. Is this the sign I need to walk away completely?
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