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Getting Over Dating Fatigue

Here I was at LACMA...olives writing and yes....I cut my hair!1. SLOW DOWN NELLY: No offense, yet I highly doubt you’ll find the One in your 20’s. You may, yet the majority of you will settle in your 20’s… yet if you wait until your 30’s, will find a real keeper. (Note* out of fear I married in my 20’s. Tall dark and handsome millionaire. How does it get even better, right? Yet I didn’t ask if I really loved him. He loved me and I was insecure and that was enough. Divorce #1)

2. YOU’RE ACTUALLY ENOUGH: Society wants you to think you’re not enough unless you marry, that you’re defective broken and a loser if you’re in your 30’s and not married. They do this to control you, keep you in fear and sell you crap. You don’t require a man to be enough. You are enough and I implore you to choose a man that contributes extra juju to your life, not completes you. (plus women that know they are enough attract far higher quality of men, for their not needy, they are open to a great life getting even better) Read More →

How to enjoy your body and celebrate the way it gloriously is.

How to enjoy your body blogSo I’ve been ‘on the road’ for a month and a half, out of my usual workout regime. Some weeks I’ll hike three times, other weeks I’ll sit on my cute ass in a cabin and write. I haven’t pole danced in over TWO MONTHS and I think I’ve put on about 3 pounds… not huge, but my jeans are tight.

We each have our own relationship with our body, whether we’re an elite athlete or carrying 50+ pounds… and given I started my relationship with my body hating it, scrutinizing it, taking laxatives, poking, prodding and finding fault with EVERY glance in the mirror, unable to sit relaxed with friends for worry I would let go of sucking in my belly… NOW I am super grateful to make friends with my few extra pounds. Read More →

I don’t understand her, why doesn’t she understand me?

Feeling SUNsational waiting for Kelly in TopangaI’m not a super pro at this, yet one of my favorite people to help understand communication styles is my friend Larry Michel of Match Matrix who explains communication styles way better than me! xoxo

Yet the gist of it is some of us are more emotional in our nature, love the art of weaving a story, get very passionate about things and truly the act of being heard can be healing and deepening for intimacy. The other main style seems to be more direct in nature, to the point, logical and clear where it’s confusing when someone doesn’t get to the point, or weaves a story into who knows where and deep healing connection is found more in touch, or sex, or shared experiences instead of the actual words. Read More →

What do you really want in a man…the bad boy or the nice guy?

Forest Sorceresss stopping for lunch and wielding spells...Ahhh…ladies… my delicious sisters… what do we really want in a man… the dark bad boy who will claim us in rapture… or the nice guy who’s tenderness softens our edges into bliss?

Um…. both.

Don’t you? That’s what I choose. I choose a man who embraces all his sexual energy (and commit to awakening all of mine so as to mirror this contribution to him!!) When I say ‘all his sexual energy’ I mean for him to span the wide spectrum of masculine and feminine energy in his being… just like I will with him. Sometimes he is a softer, tender, caring energy… makes me my coffee in the morning… touches my cheek as he walks by, sends me a love note… Read More →

When she says goodbye, yet you don’t want her to go….

Me on the rocks at Lake Tahoe, where's my paddle boardAhhh… sweet man, she’s saying goodbye yet you don’t want her to go. I am so sorry. This can hurt, yes? That bright light that lit up your world, gone. That energy of praise and beauty and joy, void, yes?

Ahhh… I am not sure the circumstances of her departure… yet ask some questions here…what’s the gift in her leaving? what’s right about that? what’s possible now that wasn’t possible before? Sometimes a season has come to a close and you are both better off moving on, rather than staying and making each other wrong for being exactly who you are… Read More →

Why I love being a Coach

My Office on Russian RiverI feel like I could write for DAYS about all the reasons I love being a coach, and yet the main one I want to tell you about today is how at a very challenging time in my life, my business supports me in healing, growing and expanding.

You know how I’ve chosen to respond to my son’s struggles by choosing to let him live at his Dads for 6 months… knowing my son was so upset with the 50/50 that he wanted to kill himself was horrid for a mom to hear. And courageously letting go to free him of the ‘vice’ he was in, dropping the tug of war and leaving him, letting go of the cat, my home, my things… it was huge for me.

I needed something to refuel me, nourish me, something to breathe life into me. And travel, adventure, nature and friends was my answer. Yet if I had a 9 to 5 job I would have stayed where I was and looked at my son’s empty room each night, afraid I’d run into him and his dad at the grocery store. Read More →