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Christmas Allana Style

So I’m not one of those Norman Rockwell paintings with Xmas, not that I don’t like the Holiday or anything, I’m just not into what’s expected. And I’ve been single for the past 9 years so I’m not really expected to be anywhere which gives me great freedom. For my son and me, Xmas is about gratitude and adventure. Some years we head up to Canada to stay with my sister, her hubby, and three young kids and dog… snow angles, ice skating, skiing, tobogganing, hot chocolate, the works. Read More →

You won’t believe what Song we heard!

So Gabe and I were in LAX checking in… It was magnificent. Line after long line. I kept asking what else is possible. I kept being open… line three we walked straight to the front. OMG. The guy said it’s so good to see you again! Like he knew me! Totally bizarrely wild!

THEN as we’re walking to our gate down this long glass lined corridor I begin humming to the song… then my son said, HEY! That’s Roth’s song! It sounded like a song I knew; probably from Music 101 in College… like one everyone knows… then I stopped…. holy fucking shit is IT HIS SONG!!! So we stopped right under a ceiling speaker… I’m in total shivers at this point for this is an exquisite ex-boyfriend of mine… he played this for us, we have his CD, I have memories of joining him to his father’s funeral and he played his flute right in the middle of this huge airport, my son has memories of him taking him for his 8th birthday hike and playing his flute at a stream… and we’re in fucking LAX and his music is playing! His dream is being realized! His gift is being enjoyed by thousands! What else is possible from here! Read More →

Stressed Out Balancing MOM Time & KID Time – Take a Family Vacation

5 Keys to Creating the Family Resort Vacation You’ve Dreamed Of

Featuring the Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA

1. Dream It

First you have to actually give yourself permission to dream. For years I made the best of my situation, responding to the limitations in my world, and putting pretty pictures on the walls of my self made prison. Then one day it dawned on me that if I’d created this life, I could create another. I might not know how, yet I could choose something else. So I gave myself permission to dream about the life I choose as a sexy single mom, luxurious vacations and all… Read More →

5 Secrets to a Healthy Mother Daughter Relationship

By Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt

Even though I have a son, I have experienced great breakthroughs with my own mother when she was alive that I have passed onto my clients and books… may these simple but profound tools allow you to have a connection beyond your dreams.

1. Stop Judging Her…whether you are the daughter or mother… notice that when our attention is on blaming the other, we create our own prison… letting no love out nor love in. I’m not saying pretend or avoid or deny… just choose awareness… see her… allow ALL of her… and as soon as you stop judging her… she will feel and something will shift. The dance of drama will cease. Something new is now possible. Read More →

Have your kids become your social life?

Moms who spend time with their kids have lost their identity. Their kid’s win is their win. When considering coffee with a friend, what can she say about HER? Her dreams? Growth? Desires? Challenges? Evolution as a woman? It’s a catch 22 which keeps moms alone from adult stimulation and nourishment while deepening the pressure on kids to be her fulfillment, also alienating her from her potency, sensuality and intimate connection with her husband. The solution is to take MOM Time. I adore coaching women INTO their new selves for there is no going back; it’s about how mama gets her groove ON! Read More →

Parenting in Two Different Homes…How It Works For Me.

I’m a single motherless mom of a 9 yr. old boy, who is parented differently at both homes.

As a relationship expert, I have the blessing of interviewing parenting experts in my career, perhaps God’s way of helping me out personally!

For everyday acceptable behavior, from chores to kind words, this is ‘Acceptable Behavior’, not rewarded with candy/presents… expected as a member of the family, acknowledged as ‘I noticed you made your bed. Thank you’. Read More →