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Sharing the Real You on The Couples Expert Podcast

WOW! I feel like I am everywhere these days. Podcasts, featured blogs, telesummits, skinny dipping in the Gulf (ok the last one is more wishing then actualizing…but give it time). So many splendid possibilities when you release your wants, dreams, and desires to the universe and open you arms and heart with acceptance.

My latest adventure was with the luscious souls of The Couples Expert Podcast. We discussed so many needed topics: how to control your thoughts and negativity, resolving fears to be in allowance, and being your true self.

If you missed it, you can still listen to it here.

All my love,

Shared My Story on Reinvention Radio

I am kicking butt and taking names (ok not really but how delicious would that be!)  I will slap my ass as I reinvented intimacy with the incredibly people of Reinvention Radio.

If you missed it live, you can catch it here:

Here is my favorite highlight of my interview:

She created a 7 step process to help end the fear of rejection, keep your heart open to receive, and have a soul-shaking conscious relationship with yourself, with Source and your Beloved. She’s learned that talk therapy isn’t the full answer. Who needs a greater understanding of why their life doesn’t work? They need it healed.

Thriving Launch: True Intimacy Interview

I wanted to share something special with you! I was recently on the Thriving Launch podcast. It was an incredible interview about True Intimacy.

On the show I talk about being courageous to find your lowest vibration of shame and guilt. Don’t fix it instead bring it into your arms.


Unable to view using the above player? You can also see it here:

Making Love with the Universe on Mindfulness Mode

I just LOVE connecting with like-minded, grounded, raw individuals like myself. It fills me with such ecstasy to speak my truth and share my journey. This week, I had the pleasure to sit down with Bruce Langford of Mindfulness Mode. It was orgasmic! I can’t wait for you to check out the podcast.

Click here to listen.

P.S. My Soul Shaking Conscious Relationship Workshop begins December 4th but the fun is happening now with our pre-workshop Challenge.  Sign up today:

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do with Thom Singer

I sat down with the extraordinarily amazing Thom Singer for his podcast this month.

Completely exposed, truly authentic, and ready for anything, I shared my path to a spiritual practice and how it has helped me build a life as an entrepreneur.

He loved my line about how I  “network’s with God”. If you missed this fantastic interview, you can listen to it below.

If what I say in this interview rings truth, speaks to you, calls to you – I invite you reach out and connect with me or email my manager at

How to Live Deeply Fulfilling and Financially Free Lives








What an honor!  I was recently interviewed by the amazingly inspirational Cyndie, who founded Feminine Mastery. We shared personal formulas that we use to live deeply fulfilling & financially free lives, the emotions existing behind the embodiment of the sexual and financial freedom and how to love yourself enough to be able to be one with the Universe.

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