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Fall Into Love Series: Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen your Relationships


Fall Into Love Series:
Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen your Relationships

My amazing friends Ben and Jennifer are gearing up for their last series of 2015 and yours truly is a part of it. December 13: Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen Your Relationships is designed for you to easily learn essential practices and techniques from leading experts that you can use to deepen your intimacy and connection in your life and in your bedroom.

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Potent Clearings mp3 for Relationships… That Will Rock Your World


Guests on are badasses. I love to promote Experts each week because it’s a great way to remind me that I’m both a teacher and a student. AND I want to provide you with complementary material to mine, to ensure no stone goes unturned and you get the results you want with relationships.

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Nice Guy to Noble Badass

I had the pleasure of hanging out with two of my favorite men, Kent Emmons and Adam Gilad, on the Daily Dater. These mighty gentlemen placed me in the hot seat and asked me the tough questions on how to avoid the dreaded “friend-zone”.

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Get Her To Say Yes – To Sex!

Deliciously Hot and Amazingly Yummy!  To get down and dirty with Kent Emmons and Adam Gilad on the Daily Dater – the only way I would love to spend my day!

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Live Sircuit: The Boom Doctors with Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert

On October 26th at 7pm PST – I will be raw, present, vulnerable, and open.  I will share how to be positive, healthy, and sexy at any age!  Tune in to The Boom Doctors, get comfortable, and get ready!

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Empowered Divorce Summit

I was invited back to be an expert on the Empowered Divorce Summit!  I absolutely adore Heather and love helping her share her message about dating, relationships, divorce and how to be trust your intuition, embrace your sensual feminine presence, master online dating, and respect your children during the dating process.

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