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Get Her To Say Yes – To Sex!

Deliciously Hot and Amazingly Yummy!  To get down and dirty with Kent Emmons and Adam Gilad on the Daily Dater – the only way I would love to spend my day!

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Live Sircuit: The Boom Doctors with Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert

On October 26th at 7pm PST – I will be raw, present, vulnerable, and open.  I will share how to be positive, healthy, and sexy at any age!  Tune in to The Boom Doctors, get comfortable, and get ready!

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Empowered Divorce Summit

I was invited back to be an expert on the Empowered Divorce Summit!  I absolutely adore Heather and love helping her share her message about dating, relationships, divorce and how to be trust your intuition, embrace your sensual feminine presence, master online dating, and respect your children during the dating process.

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4 Sex Positions That Won’t Get Her Off On Its Own

Sex!  Delicious, erotic, steamy, uninhibited sex.  There is nothing more freeing, more empowering, more releasing than an amazing orgasm.  So what happens if you can’t seem to give her the big “O”?  Could it be the position that is making this incredible challenge even more of an obstacle?

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Why Do Men Shy Away From Intimacy? – The Ladies Lounge

In August, I was privileged to be part of the Source Nation!  I had the delicious honor of sitting down with Kathy in the Ladies Lounge and discussing “Why Do Men Shy Away From Intimacy?”  We dished on the most scrumptious details and shared our secrets of how to live and entice joy and radiance into our lives by being our one true self.  Are you ready to discover how to ask for what you truly need to THRIVE from life and your relationships?

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5 Reasons You Should Wait To Sleep With Her


Things are going so well!  She is smart, she is beautiful, she is the whole package.  When she laughs, the room lights up.  When she smiles, the sun doesn’t come close to her brightness.  So why wait?  Why wait to provide the same pleasure to this woman as she has provided to you?

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